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DiscussionSep 28, 2020 8:00 am CT

What Blizzard franchise should get a movie next?

Blizzard has said in the past that the name of their game studio is “Blizzard Entertainment” and not “Blizzard Games” because they see themselves as not just making games, but creating franchises that can cross into different kinds of media. We’ve seen that kind of crossover into comic books, novels, audio dramas, and cinematics of both the traditionally-animated and digitally-animated varieties. And we’ve even seen them take a shot at theaters, with both Duncan Jones’ Warcraft film and the cinematic event that put the first season of Overwatch shorts on theatrical screens to celebrate the game’s launch. And there are rumors of a Netflix series for Diablo in addition to an “Overwatch show,” though we have no idea what shape that’s supposed to be in.

With all that said, and with the assumption that movie theaters will even still exist in a post-pandemic world, what Blizzard franchise would you like to see get a film next? A gritty space western for StarCraft in the vein of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? A gothic fantasy horror a la the recent Netflix Castlevania series for Diablo? A feature-length Overwatch film? Or perhaps a complete cinematic story using Ava and the other unique characters of the “Hearthstone Is Home” shorts?

Let’s be real, I’ll take all of these happening at once so we can build up the Blizzard Cinematic Universe that blenders together for an Avengers-like mash-up series that puts a Heroes of the Storm story up on the screen. It’d be ludicrous, but that’s the whole point, no?

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