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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPGNov 20, 2020 6:00 pm CT

Welcome to Pirate City as our Blizzard Watch D&D crew ride a demon airship into a rat’s nest of scum and villainy and go shopping

Last weekend, we went back to our long running D&D campaign and almost immediately found ourselves role playing a bunch, as our Dwarf Cleric Mediel and her undead Warlock cousin Malachi talked it out about how stodgy and confining Dwarven culture is, and our Tiefling Rogue Mischief found out she has three moms — sort of — and our Gnome Wizard Wilyur Rustspark has come to a resolution on his evil doppleganger, and our Elf Fighter Zellan really hates pirates.

Like, so much. You don’t even know. The party had inter-party conflict, the players all played their roles really well, and it turns out that our Water Genasi Sorcerer Kainehe’s doppleganger has built up a magnificent merchantile empire and everybody thinks she did it so she’s effectively one of the most powerful people in Marserra, the city with so many pirates it’s hard to keep them all straight.

If you’re wondering who all these people are, let me introduce you.

  • Kainehe, a Water Genasi Sorceress — played by Elizabeth Harper
  • Mischief, a Tiefling Rogue — played by Anne Stickney
  • Fizzl, a Kenku Bard — played by Michael “Mitch” Mitchell
  • Mediel, a Dwarf Cleric — played by Deb Montague
  • Wilyur Rustspark, a Gnome Mage — played by Joe “Lodur” Perez
  • Zellan, an Elven Fighter — played by Cory Taylor
  • Arison Cinnamon, a Half-Elf Warlock — played by Andrew Powers

Also, Fizzl was nearly assassinated by himself, and it turns out that giving the Hand and Eye of Vecna to Orcus didn’t solve the party’s problems with those accursed artifacts since they’re so powerful and malevolent that they screw up time and space just by existing and versions of the party are popping in and out of existence, which means that the part once again has to find a place where the artifacts can be disposed of… such as the volcano lair of the dark Mnarth nor Verth where they were being held prisoner back in the first episode of the show.

There wasn’t any combat in this episode, which I gotta say, as a DM I love that because combat takes a long time to resolve in D&D. Just a lot of people role playing out their characters. And shopping, which on a city notorious for piracy, means probably stolen gear but the price was right. Because Kainehe technically owns the company.

And in case you’re wondering about the callback to episode one, here’s a list of every episode to date.

  1. The original, and completely inaccurately titled, One-Shot Spectacular
  2. We’re On A Boat
  3. Life’s a Beach
  4. Try not to kill the Kenku, K?
  5. Curse of the Dice Bot
  6. A Moo-Ving Conversation
  7. The Kenku of Chaos
  8. Here Be Dragons (and Gith and Portals, oh my!)
  9. The twist you didn’t see coming
  10. The Curious Case of the Counterspell Conundrum
  11. A very dramatic doppleganger dilemma
  12. There and Back Again — Volcano Lair
  13. A new player, an old evil and a demon horde
  14. The flying demon ship of doom
  15. Shopping with pirates

The entire series can be found on Soundcloud, and you can also catch us on Spotify, if that’s more convenient for you. So yeah, it’s all coming together, as the party prepares to fly on a demon pirate airship to the volcano lair of a dragon demigod to hopefully destroy not one but two cursed magical artifacts that they already gave to a demon lord once. It sounds bad just spelled out like that.

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