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WoWMar 5, 2021 2:00 pm CT

Patch 9.0.5 will bring relief for players thirsting for more ways to gather Anima with Redeemed Souls

As things stand right now, while it’s certainly quite doable to gather 1000 Anima a week for the Renown and all your Anima needs — like gear upgrades, improving your Covenant HQ, or just to pick up rare mounts or other cool items — it can be a trifle of a chore and it often feels like you’re running the same errands. Well, in patch 9.0.5 we’ll see more ways to improve our Anima collection.

Namely, the quest to collect Redeemed Souls from the Maw and bring them to your Covenant will now, if you’re capped on souls, grant you Anima instead. With this addition to the patch, you will be able to gather half of the weekly Renown quest’s worth of Anima in one quest. In addition, once you’re at Renown 40, the quest to gain 1000 Anima will reward 1500 gold instead. These two quest changes should streamline and continue to incentivize the process of gathering Anima and make it less necessary to, for example, go kill a mob in Maldraxxus every day in a quest that requires you to group up.

This is an excellent improvement but let’s not kid ourselves — the sheer amount of Anima it takes to fully upgrade your Covenant Sanctum, get all the cosmetics you want, potentially upgrade your quest reward faction armor set, it is a lot. We could definitely use some more relief for all the thirsty Anima seekers out there trying to grub up every scrap of it they can. As much as I feel like Blizzard has absolutely nailed the sensation of an Anima drought with Shadowlands, there’s always a tipping point where something goes from feeling difficult but rewarding to just difficult, or at least time consuming.

Still, I do think this is a good change. Between this, killing the weekly raid boss, and the world quests you’ll have to do for your Callings it feels like you should be able to at the very least hit that 1k Anima without spending all week scrounging.

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