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D&D > Off TopicMar 11, 2021 6:00 pm CT

The latest D&D Unearthed Arcana adds Feywild-infused races, including Owlfolk for you Swolebro fans

The Feywild is the D&D realm of wild, untamed nature and fey spirits, the original home of Elves and other sylvan folk. And now the latest D&D playtest content (or Unearthed Arcana) for Dungeons and Dragons lets you create characters with a closer tie to that realm and all things in it, with rules allow you to play as a denizen of the Feywild.

The new races you can choose from include:

  • The enigmatic Fairies
  • The wild-touched Hobgoblins of the Feywild
  • The familiar-to-WoW-players Owlfolk (but Owlfolk have full wings and arms, so they’re arguably better than the Kyrian Stewards they immediately made me think of)
  • The speedy Rabbitfolk

Wow, I just realized, you can play a D&D version of a Swolebro or a Virmen!

Getting Wild with the Feywild

With the new Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything rules for character creation being default for Unearthed Arcana races going forward, these four races are presented without a baseline stat priority. You can put your stats wherever you want them to be, but each race has distinctive abilities:

  • The Fairy can fly and cast specific Fairy magics as well as fit through a passage as narrow as one inch across.
  • The Hobgoblin of the Feywild can use the Help action as a bonus action, with various benefits available as they gain in levels.
  • Rabbitfolk are rabbits. They’re hard to surprise with benefits to their perception and initiative, they can hop farther than most and their lucky feet (seriously) give them a 1d4 bonus to Dexterity saving throws.
  • The Owlfolk can also fly, their quiet feathers give them a bonus to stealth rolls (this is a real thing, owls have quiet feathers), and they can literally see magic.

Also, both the Owlkin and Rabbitkin can be medium or small, it’s your choice when you roll them up.

These new races are interesting — certainly less dramatic than the Gothic Lineages from the last UA, but to my mind that’s all to the good. Racial choices that are perceived to be overpowered eventually get nerfed, but fun character details with occasional utility — like the Rabbitfolk’s Hop or the Fairy’s ability to squeeze through tight spaces because they’re even smaller than Gnomes or Halflings — isn’t going to ruin anyone’s game but it could come in handy that one clutch time, and that’s pretty solid in my opinion. In general, I think fun flavor is always more interesting that wow, they’re immune to almost everything and these four races definitely have the former, not the latter.

I’m looking forward to playing a Rabbitfolk Monk. They’re going to kick so many people in the face with those lucky feet. Seriously, you could do a Mean Streets of Gadzetzan campaign with this book.

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