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Discussion > WoWApr 21, 2021 8:00 am CT

What changes would you make to your favorite classes in WoW?

Titan’s Grip for all three specs. For Arms, I’d actually give them a reversed version, where they could use a 1h weapon in two hands and scale up its stats to match a 2h, for extra variety — kind of a Single-Minded Fury for Arms. For Fury, just the TG we have now, it does what I want it to do there. For Protection, you could tank with a 2h and shield, the way you could on a Fury tank during Wrath of the Lich King. I’ve always felt like Titan’s Grip should be a defining ability of Warriors. If I had the chance, I’d design special weapons that only Warriors could equip and use, much the way Barbarians had Mighty Weapons in Diablo 3 that only they could equip and use. Make Titan’s Grip a big deal.

As for other classes I play? I’d let Paladins use fist weapons because it makes no sense to me that Paladins can’t punch things, same for Death Knights, and I’d let Shaman use swords because come on. Especially Orc Shaman because I’d make a point of using one around Thrall at every opportunity after he acted like such a prima donna in the Maw until he finally got an axe like a giant green baby.

But that’s just me — I have very specific tastes and there are things I’m kind of obsessed with, like making Titan’s Grip even better than it is and it’s already one of my top three reasons to play World of Warcraft so yeah. What would you change, if you had the opportunity? Would you let all Hunters dual wield crossbows? Would you give Shaman a permanent pet totem to follow them around? Demon Hunter Pandaren? What changes would you bring to the classes of World of Warcraft?

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