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Discussion > WoWJun 23, 2021 8:00 am CT

What’s your absolute favorite part of patch 9.1?

Look, it’s positivity! It feels like we could use that nowadays.

I am very excited for Korthia — I get kind of twitchy thinking about it coming up in patch 9.1. I love the idea of the Jailer just yoinking a lost city into the Maw and us having to go explore it. I’m super excited about the lore implications of the place, about the possibility of finding out what the connection is between Sire Denathrius and the Nathrezim, and what that means for the Burning Legion and the history of the cosmos. Seeing the Naaru and various Void forces invade various realms in the Shadowlands has me excited for what Korthia might reveal about the history of the place — what did Zovaal do to get himself trapped in the Maw? What was the place like before he did whatever he did? Was there ever a time when all the various Shadowlands were one place? What is the Arbiter?

I mean, there’s other cool stuff — there’s a new raid, a host of Torghast changes, a Broker themed mega-dungeon, a lot’s going on with this patch and I’m excited for a lot of it. But I’m pretty sure that my absolute favorite part of this coming patch is Korthia and what it means for the long term lore of World of Warcraft.

So now I ask y’all. What’s your favorite part of the upcoming patch? What are you most excited to get to see and do? What are you thinking will be the most fun aspect of the new content, the part you most want to explore? Updated and expanded Covenant story, like the one the Kyrians have with Uther? New rank 5 and 6 for Legendary items? New Torghast layers and the removal of the death penalty? Share with us what you like the most about patch 9.1.

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