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What do you most want to see in the 50th Anniversary Edition of Dungeons and Dragons?

We’re getting a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons in 2024, with the release of new core rulebooks that will remain compatible with current 5e books. This 50th Anniversary Edition of D&D isn’t being called a sixth edition, or a .5 edition, and really as of right now we know almost nothing about it. I mean, this is going to happen in three years isn’t a ton of detail. But that won’t stop me from speculating wildly based on this admittedly very small amount of detail.

Based on the way the announcement is phrased, I don’t expect this to be a complete new edition, a D&D 6e, but more of a revamped version of 5e, something analogous to when we got 3.5 back in 2003. As a result, I don’t expect anything radical here — they might put the Artificer in the new core Player’s Handbook, for example, but they’re not going to drop the Warlock or Fighter or add the Warlord or Slayer from 4e back in. The Monster Manual will likely contain more monsters but it won’t offer any radical changes.

That being said, I’d really be happy if Wizards finally realized that Feats are something to focus on more than they have so far in 5e. Feats were the best part of 3e, and while I understand that Wizards wanted to move away from that edition’s tendency towards bloat, making Feats something you really only get a few times just doesn’t feel as cool. At least for some classes, Feats really made two different members of the same class feel more distinctive. Also, I love Barbarians, but man we need some Barbarian subclasses that are actually worth playing. Aside from Zealot, Totem Warrior and the Berserker, there aren’t a lot of really great subclasses for Barbs, and that makes me sad.

Honestly, as much as I loved the Rune Knight? It didn’t feel very Fightery — everything about it is kind of Barbarian adjacent, with a rune that gives resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage, and the giant growth ability feeling like watered down Rage a bit. I’d like to see that tightened up.

But what about y’all? What would you want to see in the 50th Anniversary Edition of Dungeons and Dragons?

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