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WoWFeb 24, 2022 10:00 am CT

How to upgrade your Shadowlands Legendaries to rank 7 in patch 9.2

Now that Shadowlands patch 9.2 is live, players can upgrade their Legendaries (both of them!) to rank 7 and ilevel 291. Like in patch 9.1, there are new materials needed both to craft the rank 7 base armor piece as well as upgrading your Legendary to rank 7. Nothing has changed for lower ranks, although a crafter that skipped patch 9.1 will not have to venture into Korthia in order to make rank 7s, as the new upgrade item lets you go directly from rank 4 (which was craftable in 9.0) to 7.

If you’re creating a new Legendary, the process hasn’t changed — you’ll still need to visit the Runecarver having unlocked the desire Legendary Memory along with having two stat missives, the base for the rank you wish to craft, and the requisite amount of currency needed to craft that rank. Upgrading is also the same, requiring you to have an existing Legendary, the base with the desired rank, and enough currency to complete the process.

One very important note: the recipe that is required for crafters to make a rank 7 base is locked behind the campaign quests for 9.2; as a result, you will not be able to obtain the rank 7 base until the third week of patch 9.2.

All about that base Legendary

The good news is that if you do not have a crafter available to make the rank 7 base for you, you’ll be able to purchase it from the Auction House. The bad news is that like all crafted goods it is going to be ridiculously expensive early on, so unless you’re sitting on a lot of gold you’ll probably be waiting several weeks before upgrading to rank 7.

If you’re planning on crafting your own bases, you’ll want to make sure you send your crafting toons to Zereth Mortis asap, as the optional reagent recipe that lets you upgrade to rank 7 is only available after you complete Chapter 5 of the 9.2 campaign, and you must have honored reputation with new Enlightened faction. As with previous Legendary crafting, you’ll need to be at maximum skill for the profession, and if you wish to make rank 7 you’ll need to have unlocked the ability to craft rank 4 bases.

The new reagent is called the Vestige of the Eternal, and it is learned from the Tome of the Eternal. The Vestige of the Eternal, when added as an optional reagent when crafting the base, will increase the rank by 3. Note that it is not only for rank 7; you can use it to craft rank 6 if you’ve only unlocked rank 3 crafting.

The mats required to craft a Vestige of the Eternal is a mix of Zereth Morthis gathering mats and other Shadowlands mats based on your profession. The main item that will need to be acquired is a Progenitor Essentia, available from chests, gathering, and other activities in Zereth Morthis. Like the Korthite Crystal that was required to craft a Vestige of Origins in patch 9.1, the Progenitor Essentia is not bound on pickup and can therefore be purchased and sold on the Auction House or sent to alts.

The full list of materials required in order to craft the Vestige of the Eternal are :

  • Blacksmithing: 2 Progenitor Essentia, 40 Progenium Ore, 15 Shadowghast Ingots
  • Jewelcrafting: 2 Progenitor Essentia, 10 Progenium Ore, 2 each of the prospected Essences of Rebirth, Servitude, Torment, and Valor
  • Leatherworking: 2 Progenitor Essentia, 40 Protogenic Pelt, 3 Heavy Callous Hide
  • Tailoring: 2 Progenitor Essentia, 60 Silken Protofiber, 50 Lightless Silk, 25 Penumbra Thread

Once you’ve crafted the Vestige of the Eternal, you simply add it as an optional reagent when crafting a rank 4 base and voilà — you have a rank 7 base.

Adding some currency, including the new Cosmic Flux, to make it work

The new currency required to upgrade to rank 7 from rank 6 is called Cosmic Flux, and is available from a much wider variety of sources than the Soul Ash and Soul Cinders that were only available from Torghast. You’ll still be able to acquire Cosmic Flux by running the new layers 13-16 of Torghast, but you’ll also acquire it from treasure chests and rare spawns in Zereth Mortis, mythic dungeons, quests, rated PVP, and the new Sanctum of Domination raid.

You’ll need 2000 Cosmic Flux to upgrade a Legendary to rank 7, thus a rank 7 Legendary will have 5150 Soul Ash, 1650 Soul Cinders, and 2000 Cosmic Flux invested in it. There have been no changes to the upgrade process requirements, so lower rank Legendaries include their existing investment towards that total. The total requirement for upgrading from each rank is:

  • Rank 1: 2000 Cosmic Flux, 1650 Soul Cinders, 3900 Soul Ash
  • Rank 2: 2000 Cosmic Flux, 1650 Soul Cinders, 3150 Soul Ash
  • Rank 3: 2000 Cosmic Flux, 1650 Soul Cinders, 1950 Soul Ash
  • Rank 4: 2000 Cosmic Flux, 1650 Soul Cinders
  • Rank 5: 2000 Cosmic Flux, 550 Soul Cinders
  • Rank 6: 2000 Cosmic Flux

As always this is per Legendary, so if you’re planning to unlock the ability to use two you’ll need twice as much of the currency, or if you maintain multiple Legendaries for various situations you’ll need this amount for each.

Fortunately patch 9.1.5 made it easier to acquire Soul Cinders and Soul Ash in Torghast, so if you want a Rank 7 Legendary but are currently sitting at Rank 5 or lower you’ll be able to farm up what you need of those currencies relatively quickly.

Once you’ve collected the needed currency and have obtained a rank 7 base, simply visit our old friend the Runecarver in his abode in Torghast and you’ll be able to upgrade your Legendary to rank 7.

Originally posted 2/14/2022. Updated 2/24/2022.

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