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Discussion > Video GamesMar 16, 2022 8:00 am CT

What game that never got a sequel do you think should have?

It’s 2022 and I still want a Jade Empire sequel.

I am kind of amazed that we don’t live in a world where people are complaining that the fourth Jade Empire game strays too far from the series roots — a world where we have traveled the breadth of the continent, explored much of the world and potentially discovered that the Jade Empire is on the same planet as the Dragon Age setting, perhaps in its future, due to the presence of a gun toting John Cleese in the game. No, I’m completely serious, John Cleese shows up as a strange foreigner with a gun and you get to argue with, and then beat him up. It’s quite something.

But it’s true — this is the darkest timeline, and we never got a Jade Empire sequel. As baffling as I find that, it’s hardly the only game over the years that I feel could or should have become a series — I’ve talked before about Blizzard’s lost gem Blackthorneand I to this day lament that Troika Studios didn’t live long enough to give us an Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magik Obscura because that would have been amazing. That’s a game that really should have launched an Ultima style series of sequels to ultimately dismay us with the 8th or 9th game as they completely went off the rails. I mean, some people hate Fable 3, but it’s one of my favorites just for the voice acting, I would have liked to have seen Arcanum 3 and who they might have cast as the game expanded out its gameplay.

So what about you, friends? What game do you still look back at and say I can’t believe they didn’t make more of this? What game would you have gladly given more of your time to? Would you have been down for an Alpha Protocol series? Do you even remember Alpha Protocol?

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