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Discussion > WoWApr 7, 2022 8:00 am CT

How would you change the class system in World of Warcraft?

One thing I’ve always wanted to change about WoW is the idea that certain classes can only be played by specific races. If someone wants to play a Draenei Rogue or Druid, let them. If you’ve always wanted to play a Tauren Warlock, or an Orc Paladin, or a Gnome who is a Shaman, I don’t see why the game should be making that decision for you. Yes, I understand the lore of World of Warcraft has an influence on this, but if we were playing a tabletop RPG, you’d be able to house rule the game so your friend could play that Undead Druid — why not just let people play the class they want? The game’s been around since 2oo4 — it will turn 18 this year — so I’d say it’s time we let it grow up a little and remove that class restriction.

That’s one way I would change the game’s class system, but it’s not the only way I would do so. I’d also like to add in the system coming to Diablo Immortal where instead of having to roll a new alt to experience another class, you could simply go into a city and change your character’s class. I think Liz Patt was spot on when she said more games should embrace this, and I absolutely believe that it should come to World of Warcraft as soon as is feasible.

I’d also like it if we had a few more classes, as ridiculous as that may sound. I think some classes like Warriors, Priests, and Druids (especially Druids) are trying to do too much and could benefit from being split up into separate classes. Warriors could easily be broken up into Gladiators, Champions, and Barbarians — Gladiators taking aspects of the weapon mastery angle that originally dominated Arms Warriors, Champions becoming tanks and rallying points, and Barbarians specializing in being huge woad-stained maniacs with giant weapons. Priests could divide into Clerical healers and Psionics who can control minds, plus Shadow wielders as their own unique class.

But those are my ideas. What about you? How would you change WoW‘s class system if you could?

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