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Diablo > Diablo 4Feb 14, 2023 10:00 am CT

Send your darling a demonic declaration this Valentine’s Day with help from Diablo and Blizzard Watch

Whether you adore Valentine’s Day, or prefer the Gal- or Pal-entine’s variations — or maybe you couldn’t care less about a specific day and want to share your affections with someone special any day of the year — BlizzardWatch and social media team of the Diablo franchise can lend you a hand in sending a message to that significant someone. Or maybe a heart. Could we also suggest an ear? If that’s not their style, we’ve heard good things about capes made of mucous membrane and coagulated blood. We’ve been told by our sources, which we’ve been assured are definitely not demons in disguise, that all these items are very worthy sacrifices.

Check out this Valentine’s smor-gore-sboard of cards to declare your undead undying adoration to your significant other, complete with romantic (ed’s note: ?????) poems from some of the Blizzard Watch staff.

Download social media friendly sizes: Facebook (1080×1350), Instagram (1080×1920), Twitter (1920×1080)

Joel Davis:

Zombies are dead,
Deckard Cain is goo.
Bits of Inarius are missing.
My heart is, too.

Speaking of missing body parts… Gruesome? Yeah, it is. But how else will you tell your beloved that you would give up an organ for them? By doing it! They’ve caught both your eye and your heart (spoilers).

Download social media friendly sizes: Facebook (1080×1350), Instagram (1080×1920), Twitter (1920×1080)

Rob Flanagan:

Roses are red,
lava is magma.
You’ve taken my heart
like a Priest of Rathma.

Know how your significant other makes your heart beat faster? Well, take your devotion to the next level with this declaration straight from the Diablo 4 trailer. But please, do not actually remove your blood to summon an additional demonic creatrix with your amorous statements, because…

Download social media friendly sizes: Facebook (1080×1350), Instagram (1080×1920), Twitter (1920×1080)

Nick Marino:

Soon after this Valentines Day
we’ll have Diablo on PlayStation.
Submit to Lilith
and face Eternal Damnation

Our Blessed Mother of Sanctuary (or your one and only) should have the throne. Share your staunch sentiments with this statement from Lilith. While Inarius abandoned her and the Nephilim turned their backs on her, she still had dedication from the legions of the Burning Hells.

Download social media friendly sizes: Facebook (1080×1350), Instagram (1080×1920), Twitter (1920×1080)

Christian Thoma:
Roses are red,
Diablo is the Devil.
No matter what you’ve heard
there is no cow level.

Speaking of: the Burning Hells are named that for a reason. Did you see what happened to the priestess’ feet in the Diablo 4 release date video? Not to mention the lava eruptions happening in the wings. It’s rough. So this is a pretty intense compliment to give your personal flame.

Side note: Did you notice this is a new, high-res version of the Lord of Terror? Perhaps our first static glimpse of Diablo himself in the coming title.

Have a devilishly delightful day from us at Blizzard Watch!

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