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Discussion > News > Video GamesJun 14, 2023 8:00 am CT

What new game(s) from Summer Game Fest are you most excited for?

While Summer Game Fest isn’t over yet, most of their shows have aired over the past several days and I gotta tell you: I’ve added a whole slew of games to my wish list. While normally I’m a sucker for “Wholesome” and indie games, I actually found this year that a lot of my new wants are from mainstream publishers.

The first game I fell for was the new side-scroller, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Ever since Metroid Dread rocked my world I’ve been looking for similar game to dive into, and while there are plenty of Metroidvanias out there — I’ve had my eyes on Dead Cells for awhile now — this just feels like the perfect fusion between nostalgia, modern graphics, and gameplay (I played the original Prince of Persia and let me tell you I spent a lot of time dead). My main concern at this point is that the game won’t be long enough for its price, but based on what I’ve seen so far this is a guaranteed get barring Gollum-like reviews.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple other places, I’m currently addicted to Persona 5 and when news of an unknown “P5T” website broke I started to get very excited, though I secretly feared it was a mobile game. Fortunately my fears were unfounded and instead Persona 5 Tactica is a tactics-style game similar to the Fire Emblem series, thus fusing my current obsession with a genre I’m also very fond of. While the animation style isn’t quite in my wheelhouse, it does look like we’re going to get the same Persona 5 experience with the characters when it comes out this fall, and the new character Elle looks like she’ll be a worthy addition to the Phantom Thieves.

Finally, I’m a simple man: give me a game with Richard Ayoade narrating on the benefits of Vegetables over Heroism and I am definitely going to be interested. Therefore it’s no surprise that Fable has skyrocketed near the top of my watch list; I’ve never played any of the earlier games so this would be my first introduction to the franchise, but again, Richard Ayoade!

These of course weren’t the only games I’m now keeping a close eye on — Dungeons of HinterburgMetaphor: ReFantazio, South of Midnight, En GardeWhile the Iron’s Hot, and Highland Song are all possible day one purchases for me — but those three are the ones I feel most likely to get as soon as I am able. What about you? Did Star Wars: Outlaws tickle your fancy? Were there any particular indie games I should also keep an eye out for? And did you discover any games that have already been released to your wish list? I hadn’t heard of Wylde Flowers and apparently it’s been out since September!

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