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WoWSep 26, 2023 10:00 am CT

WoW patch 10.2 brings new Druid forms for all specs

Druids may not be getting a new legendary in World of Warcraft patch 10.2, but Druids will be getting some fantastic new shapeshift forms. The patch, Guardians of the Dream, is sending us to the Emerald Dream — which by default makes it a Druid-focused patch. We’ll be battling more Druids of the Flame, defending the new World Tree, and (presumably) diving into other aspects of Druid lore.

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So it’s no surprise that there are a bunch of new druidic goodies to collect, including new shapeshift forms. Shapehifting has been a core part of the Druid class fantasy since release, with the Druid abilities and identity strongly tied to which stance you are in at any given time — originally just a basic cat form or and bear form. New forms have been slow to arrive in the years since: Moonkin form was added in patch 1.8.0, updated cat and bear forms in patch 3.2 (alongside the Moonkin Glyph of the Stars), Tree form in Mists of Pandaria patch 5.0.4, Artifact Weapon appearances for bears and cats in Legion patch 7.0.3, and revamped shapeshift forms have come with new races.

Blizzard has paid more attention to forms in recent expansions, though, with both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands adding options — though Moonkin forms have remained fairly static all the while. So it’s good news that a new Moonkin form appears to be coming in patch 10.2, as well as new bear, cat, and travel forms.

Here’s what we know about Druid shapeshift forms in patch 10.2.

Balance Druid Moonkin form in patch 10.2

The 10.2 preview included a tantalizing screenshot labeled “Balance Druid Customizations,” leading us to believe that Balance Druids may be getting a customization system similar to either the Dracthyr or dragon glyph system. While we only have a single screenshot so far, hopefully the new customizations will be more of a mix-and-match system where you can combine different elements with different color options to make a personalized and largely unique appearance.

However it’s just as likely we’ll get simple new forms to use — we’ll learn more as it appears on the PTR.

We don’t yet know the source of any of these appearances, but based on Legion appearances and the current dragon glyphs system, these types of rewards may be linked to quests, achievements, drops from rares or reputation rewards.

Feral Druid forms in patch 10.2

The Dreamsaber appears to have three variants available to players:

Blizzard has also announced that the fire kitty form will get a model update, so get thee to Firelands if you want this form, as it’s available now — either by getting Fandral’s Flamescythe or Fandral’s Seed Pouch, both of which drop from Majordomo Staghelm.

Guardian Druid forms in patch 10.2

Where cat form saw one new model, bear has three new models to drool over.

The Umbraclaw appears to have three variants:

The Runebear seems to have a single variation, it may :

Lastly the Bristlebruin rounding out the bear forms with two variants:

Druid travel form in patch 10.2

Travel form hasn’t been forgotten either with two new models.

The Dreamtalon:

The Dreamstag:

Druid flight form in patch 10.2

Early in the new zone you’ll meet Q’onzu, the Loa of Change. This puzzling critter has the form of the new creature: a somnowl, which are scattered around the Emerald Dream. Datamining suggests we will be able to get our own Somnowl form, with three variations available to players.

The last form found so far is a giant whimsical goldfish form called a Whiskerfish, which is surprisingly seems to be a flight form. A number of these fish are flying in the western edge of the Emerald Dream, called Nae’dra. Nearby on a small island there is an NPC labeled a Dreamfish Egg on top of a rise, when you click on it, it says “Something stirs within.”

There’s sure to be more information over the next few weeks on where various forms can be found anyhow the Moonkin customizations will work, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Originally published September 11, 2023; updated September 26, 2023

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