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Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor @CoryjTaylor — Cory comes from the Land of Ice and Snow, an avid Blizzard fan he's been hooked since Warcraft 2. He spends his time in Warcraft as a Guardian Druid, and out of Warcraft wishing he could spend 6 months out of the year hibernating.

The Queue: It’s the BlizzConline Day 1 super special Saturday Queue!

Whew, what a day!

We’re halfway through BlizzConline right now, and boy are my fingers tired! Three cheers to all of the other writers, we made some good words happen yesterday! Seventeen cheers for our editors though — Liz, Dan, Anna, and Mitch have done an absolutely stellar job of wrangling all of us crazy cats into formation.

Since I’m not even supposed to be here today, let’s jump right into — The Queue.

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