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Discussion > WoWSep 16, 2020 8:00 am CT

What past faction would you want for a Covenant?

We got some additional insight last week that the four Covenants we’ll choose from in Shadowlands are intended to tap into the identity of our characters, helping them to become more unique than the race, class, and specialization that defines them in terms of gameplay.

This got me thinking about past factions we’ve dealt with during the many expansions in World of Warcraft, ranging from groups that are quite similar to the Covenants, such as the Aldor and Scryers from Burning Crusade, to more esoteric groups like the Legion class Orders or the Timewalkers we meet on the Timeless Isle in Mists of Pandaria. 

For example, consider the Order of the Awakened, the unified Arakkoa faction from Warlords of Draenor. By the time we met them in patch 6.2, they were focused on helping us contest the threat of Gul’dan and his unholy alliance with the Burning Legion. What if they’d been a Covenant choice during that expansion from the start, whom we meet in the Spires of Arak? We’d aid them against the Arakkoa Highborne and then continue to help them collect Apexis artifacts from across Draenor in order to unlock more of their long-buried history. In the process, we’d gain the favor of their patron Rukhmar and unlock new and powerful bonus abilities to use:

  • Warrior: Flare Strike — Infuse your weapon(s) with the power of the sun itself, causing your strikes to inflict Sunburn on struck enemies. Sunburn increases Fire damage taken and deals Fire damage over time for 6s. 30s duration, 2min cooldown.
  • Priest: (Holy/Discipline) Divine Pyre  — Invoke the fury of Rukhmar on a target enemy for 20s, dealing Holy damage over time and radiating healing to nearby allies. If the target dies while Divine Pyre is active, trigger an explosion that spreads this effect to nearby enemies. 20s duration, 2min cooldown.
  • Death Knight: Flame of the Beyond — (Passive) Your Army of the Dead, Summon Gargoyle, and Summon Ghoul abilities gain a ghostly, fiery visage and deal additional Fire damage when they strike enemies.

Of course, those are all just sample abilities for one faction in particular. Can you think of a past faction you’d want as a Covenant? What kinds of abilities would they offer?

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