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What’s your fantasy tier appearance? Recently we learned that tier sets will not have tier bonuses in Battle for Azeroth, and they won’t really exist as we’ve known them for the past 13 years. In yesterday’s Live Developer Q&A, Ion Hazzikostas clarified that Blizzard won’t be getting rid of unique models for “tier” sets, but rather they will be able...

Do hybrid characters make you more likely to try new roles? Alexstrasza recently hit the Nexus, and Moira will be joining the live Overwatch roster in the near future. Both of them — the latter especially — are technically Support characters, but both of them also can dish out a bit of damage if need be.

How did Blizzard’s Hallow’s End events treat you? Yesterday officially concluded the last of Blizzard’s Hallow’s End event, with Heroes of the Storm’s celebration ending a decent bit after both World of Warcraft and Overwatch’s. If you’re me, this meant you spent a ton of Shards crafting all the Hallow’s End stuff you didn’t earn from Loot Chests.

Do you want full-world level scaling? At BlizzCon this year, we finally got something a lot of players have been asking for: zone scaling when leveling in older expansions. Granted, it’s not full-blown, uncapped scaling for every single level, but it’s a good start.

Do you want Battle for Azeroth to have major class changes? In more than one interview, Blizzard has come across as having little plans in the way of major class overhauls come Battle for Azeroth. Rather than the sorts of major sweeping changes we saw with Legion, Blizzard’s intent seems to be on fine-tuning said changes.

What Allied Race would get you to faction transfer? With the introduction of Allied Races to World of Warcraft, Blizzard has opened up the door to opportunities that are only limited by whichever roster of races exists in the game at any given time. Almost immediately following this announcement, the floodgates were opened for players to start wondering which of their favorite races would,...

What will it take for you to opt into world PVP? During Blizzcon, the developers announced major changes to the way PVE and PVP servers work. While they spent an admittedly appreciate amount of time explaining exactly what the changes meant, our own Anna Bell found a way to sum it up nice and succinctly: “The rules are simple. Opt in to PVP, now you’re essentially on...

classic nefarian
What would your ideal Classic server be? I already wrote what my idea for Classic servers was, but I almost immediately changed my mind this morning when I realized what I really want for Classic servers. And that, as it turns out, is to launch with World of Warcraft exactly — and I mean that literally — as it was at launch:...

Why did you pick your faction? Battle for Azeroth brings the Horde and Alliance conflict back to the forefront of the story. I saw first hand at BlizzCon how deep faction pride runs as the crowd yelled “For the Horde” or “For the Alliance.” I’ve worn both colors over my World of Warcraft career.

How was your BlizzCon 2017 experience? Whether you watched it on the Virtual Ticket or were there in person, this year’s BlizzCon had a lot of surprises for everyone. World of Warcraft is seeing a new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and an old friend returns in the guise of Classic servers.

What surprised you the most from BlizzCon 2017 day one? Okay I’m going to flat-out say it: I did not think that Blizzard was ever going to announce classic servers. It just didn’t seem like a thing that would happen.

What are you hoping to see in BlizzCon 2017’s opening day? The day has finally arrived — in just a few short hours we’ll be absorbing everything we can from BlizzCon 2017. We’ve had our own predictions about what we’re going to see in today’s announcements.

Why aren’t you going to BlizzCon? For me, for literally the last eleven years, the answer to the question “Why aren’t you going to BlizzCon, Matt?” has been a combination of a lack of money, the inability to travel, and my health. One of those is an evergreen problem, one is hopefully finally resolved, and my health is always going to...

Did you get what you wanted from Hallow’s End? WoW holidays are kind of up in the air for me — I like collecting stuff. Holiday events usually have stuff to collect.

What’s your “must watch” BlizzCon panel? BlizzCon is right around the corner and the hype train is rolling full steam ahead. We’ll be covering the event here on Blizzard Watch, of course, but oodles of people will be watching it live through the Virtual Ticket.

Are you waiting for Antorus? I’m not really the most hardcore WoW player these days — my approach to Legion has been pretty casual. Luckily, it’s been far better than Warlords in terms of things to do.