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Heroes Of The Storm

Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm, this is not a drill

After a tumultuous year that's seen Heroes of the Storm lose its official support as an esport, key personnel departures, and a noticeable slowdown in hero additions, the Heroes team has apparently decided to break the glass that says "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, UNLEASH HELL." Deathwing has long been requested -- if not outright predicted -- as a hero to add to the game, as he is one of World of Warcraft's key franchise villains.

Is Blizzard quietly killing Heroes of the Storm?

In a Heroes of the Storm Reddit AMA in May, Production Director Kaeo Milker made the current state of the game's development sound tough: "Part of our journey right now is figuring out the balance between what the team wants to do, and what the team can do." With Blizzard announcing that it would shift developers away from the game, it apparently left the team starved of resources for the things they wanted to make.

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