Role Play

Role Play: Accents and other quirks in roleplay World of Warcraft has a wide variety of playable races to choose from. Each race comes with its own quirks — and in some cases, its own particular dialect.

Role Play: Roleplaying a member of the Army of the Light Patch 7.3 has arrived, and with it a new faction — the Grand Army of the Light. While we’ve seen evidence of the Army on Azeroth, only now have we encountered the majority of its forces.

Role Play: Are you sabotaging your roleplay? You might be new to roleplaying, with a brand-new character looking for interaction. Or you might be a roleplayer who’s been around for years, whose character has a lengthy and detailed history.

Role Play: Plot points for roleplayers headed into patch 7.3 Argus is clearly visible in the sky for all players now. We just had a new 7.3 related scenario drop yesterday.

Role Play: Dealing with expansion lulls Roleplaying is a different kind of animal in World of Warcraft. It’s not like PVP or PVE — Blizzard isn’t creating the content for you, you’re creating it yourself.

Huge RP tournament event saved by phasing hotfixes Every year, Moon Guard hosts a week-long competitive roleplaying event for all the RP servers: the Tournament of Ages. Thousands of players attend from over 20 guilds to compete in jousting, racing, PVP duels, D20 battles, Hearthstone challenges, pet battling, and so on.

Role Play: The logistics of length in roleplay A large portion of roleplaying comes from the creation of a compelling character. You want to make a well-rounded character with an interesting background, for any potential exploration into that character’s past.

Role Play: Roleplaying the extraordinary As I said when I started this column, you can roleplay whatever you want. But when you leap out of the realm of ordinary roleplay, you’ve got a difficult task ahead.

Role Play: Roleplaying the ordinary In World of Warcraft, and Legion in particular, the story is all about fantasy and heroic deeds. Every expansion, our characters prepare to deal with whatever all-powerful, cosmic villain happens to be threatening their home.

Role Play: Showing vs. telling in roleplay Sure, a good story is meant to be shared -- but how do you effectively tell that story in your roleplay, without giving everything away?

Role Play: What makes a “good” roleplay interaction? There is no "right" way to roleplay. Whatever method you're comfortable with is the one that's right for you.

Role Play: Conflict in roleplay You might think of conflict as a negative term — after all, it’s primarily used in situations where things are going wrong. But in storytelling and roleplay, conflict is something that happens every day.

Role Play: The art of herding cats Roleplaying is a social activity at heart, and sometimes people have a really hard time being social. That’s where the fine art of cat herding comes in – the ability to guide your guild and fellow roleplayers to moments that encourage that social aspect.

Role Play: Creating a storyline Storylines can be a personal thing – something your character is trying to accomplish, with or without the help of others. Or they can be major events for a roleplaying group or guild.

Role Play: Roleplaying partners and you Roleplaying isn’t really a solo activity – it’s about the interactions between your character and other characters. It’s about assuming the role of your character as an improvisational creative acting and writing exercise rolled into one.

Role Play: Roleplaying on non-roleplay realms Last week we addressed the topic of non-roleplayers that make the move to roleplaying realms. But what if the switch is flipped – what if you’re someone who wants to roleplay, but you’re not on a realm designated for RP?