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Hearthstone play guide

Fast-paced and free-to-play, Hearthstone is easy enough to pick up and learn, but mastering the game is another task entirely. You’ll find all of our Hearthstone guides and deck builds below or you can check out our Hearthstone category for the latest news.

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Whispers of the Old Gods

Hearthstone: Every card from Whispers of the Old Gods

We’ve finally seen every card in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion coming on Tuesday. Check them all out below alongside our commentary and info on the game’s additional deck slots and Deck Recipes feature at the end of the column.


Hearthstone nerfs select Basic and Classic cards

The Hearthstone team has announced a round of changes to select cards in the Basic set in preparation for Whispers of the Old Gods. When the Wild/Standard split was announced, these cards in particular were a point of concern for existing players — some Basic and Classic cards are extraordinarily powerful, and if a rotating Standard mode was a way to shake up the game, those powerful standouts would be a roadblock.


The impact of Hearthstone’s new wild mode on gameplay

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo…!” Those were the first words out of my mouth when I read about the upcoming changes coming to Hearthstone. Granted, I hadn’t finished reading the entire official news post yet.


Gameplay basics

Beginner’s guide to Hearthstone

We explore the basic gameplay, game modes, and everything else a brand new Hearthstone player needs to know.


Building your first Hearthstone deck

Deckbuilding is one of the core skills needed in order to progress up the ranks to Legend, and unfortunately, it’s not covered in the in-game tutorial. In this guide, we'll show you how you can create your own effective Hearthstone deck.


Hearthstone Q&A: Deckbuilding advice for new players

Let's answer some questions about Hearthstone from newer players who are looking to improve their play.


Deck building

Deck Tech: Hearthstone’s Reno Warlock

This week’s deck centers around the new Reno Jackson legendary that came out with League of Explorers. Reno’s ability makes life tough for aggro players because right when you think you manage to get the player down to lethal range, out comes Reno to reset the player’s health right back up to full. Using Reno makes for some unique decks, since you’ll only want to use one copy of each card.


Deck Tech: Echo Mage

Echo Mage is a rather fun deck archetype that doesn’t quite fall under Tempo Mage or Freeze Mage. The deck can be competitive but is not often seen on the tournament circuit. Echo of Medivh and Duplicate are the main cards that make this deck really shine. After that, you chock it full of cards like Molten Giants, Antique Healbots, and Sludge Belchers. All of those will provide you with additional utility to help you win games.


Deck Tech: Midrange Shaman

I’ll admit it, I’ve given Shaman decks a hard time before in the past. They’re inconsistent, unwieldy, and punishing. The class as a whole needs a face lift. With the Warsong Commander nerf live, maybe Shaman decks receive an indirect buff. We’re going to go back to the Shaman roots this week and explore another midrange deck which was one of the first control decks when Hearthstone first released.


Deck Tech: Demon Handlock

Handlock relies heavily on having as many options available to deal with threats. Warlocks can Lifetap allowing them to lose 2 health in exchange for drawing an extra card during the turn. That’s where the deck name Handlock comes from. While the deck first originated just after the Naxxramas adventure was released, it received a key component from Goblins vs Gnomes in the form of Antique Healbot. The 8 health gain allows the player to drop a Molten Giant for free if the player is at 10 health and then to rocket back up to 18 by playing the Antique Healbot.


Deck Tech: Secrets Paladin

A new season signifies the Hearthstone metagame slowly stabilizing. The first week or so after The Grand Tournament came out, the Secrets Paladin deck was viewed as a novelty deck. It received a closer look at the start of last month after it was consistently performing well and taking players to legend. While it certainly has some expensive components, it isn’t as costly as the Dragon Warrior deck.


Deck Tech: Patron Warrior

Patron Warrior is one of the most complicated decks to play. But if properly piloted, it is widely agreed as the most dominant deck in post-Blackrock Mountain competitive environments. The list that you see here below is one pioneered by legendary player Th3Rat.


Deck Tech: Rhonin Tempo Mage

This deck guide explores the Rhoning Tempo Mage, a deck based around the Rhonin legendary released in The Grand Tournament.


Deck Tech: Fast Druid

Out of all the fun and competitive decks out there, the Fast Druid is one of my favorites. This druid deck emerged as a strong deck upon the release of Blackrock Mountain but fell out of favor due to the rise of Patron warrior. Don’t confuse this deck with Ramp druid which relies on Innervate and Wild Growth to help bring larger minions into play.


Deck Tech: Murloc Paladin

The Murloc Knight provides an excellent board at 6 mana. You get yourself a 3/4 (which costs 4 mana), a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit (2 mana from the Hero power), and a random Murloc from Murloc Knight’s Inspire ability.


Deck Tech: Dragon Priest

When Blackrock Mountain debuted, dragons were all the rage. Legendary bombs like Nefarian and Chromaggus looked as if they were going to be the big players. Hungry Dragon and Blackwing Corruptor added more midgame threats. Sadly, the game was just too fast. The Dark Iron Dwarves and their beer-guzzling Grim Patrons entered the spotlght and put to rest any spark of hope that dragon decks would have an effect on the meta game. Grand Tournament’s release changed that. Priest players now have an extra deck type that can be played: Dragon Priest.


Deck Tech: Control Warrior

Control Warrior received a massive upgrade from The Grand Tournament: Justicar Trueheart and Varian Wrynn. The updated deck has no less than 10 legendaries, which means it’s not an affordable deck for most players to put together — but if you have the resources, it’s an effective one.


Deck Tech: Mech Mage

This deck has risen back to the top in the post Grand Tournament world. While many of the elements have remained untouched, players are adding two copies of Fel Reaver. While the drawback is quite real, the fact that you can play this 8/8 monstrosity as early as turn 4 (or turn 3 with the coin) due to the Mechwarper means it needs to be dealt with immediately. Who cares if you lose out on 6 cards off your deck if your opponent is being pummelled for 8 damage a turn? You can swap out a Tinkertown Technician or the Mechanical Yeti for it.


Deck Tech: Zoo Warlock

Warlocks continue to be both a tournament and ranked ladder staple. It’s a deck that continues to be popular because it originated as an easily affordable deck that anyone can put together. It has gone through some changes and some new cards were introduced in Goblins vs Gnomes and Blackrock Mountain to spawn a fork of the original deck.


League of Explorers Adventure guides

Top Cards from Hearthstone’s League of Explorers

Now that League of Explorers has been out for almost two months, the metagame has settled down. It isn’t a secret that Secret Paladin continues to be one of the top decks in the competitive game. This week, we’ll review some of the cards from the recent adventure. Which cards and decks were the winners and losers since then?


Wing One: Temple of Orsis

Now that the League of Explorers has gone live, players will be assisting the Reno and company as they attempt to help retrieve the Staff of Origination. This adventure introduces a number of new cards along with the Discover mechanic. The first wing consists of three encounters with the last one being one of the more unique ones. Go ahead and give the adventures a shot on your own first but if you get stuck, check back here to the guide along with a few recommendations.


Wing Two: Uldaman

The second wing consists of three encounters and one of them features that nifty survival mode with the Mine Cart Rush. Go ahead and give the adventures a shot on your own first but if you get stuck, check back here to the guide along with a few recommendations.


Wing Three: Ruined City

Welcome to week three of the League of Explorers! Reno and company need your help in their quest to assemble the Staff of Origination. After a quick one week break, we’re back at it with a new wing in the Ruined City. The third wing consists of three encounters and … there’s Murlocs involved. I hate Murlocs.


Wing Four: Hall of Explorers

The Hall of Explorers, the fourth and final wing of The League of Explorers Hearthstone Adventure is now live and available for play in all regions. Arch-Thief Rafaam has stolen the Staff of Origination! Return to the headquarters of the League of Explorers and get that staff back! Who knows what the staff can do in the hands (or bandages) of an Arch-Thief? If


Blackrock Mountain Adventure guides

Wing One: Blackrock Depths

Ready to enter the realm of Blackrock Mountain, are we? Excellent! Our first stop today is Blackrock Depths. Veteran Warcraft players will possibly remember this instance taking hours to complete. Thankfully, this adventure does not.


Wing Two: Molten Core

Molten Core, the second wing of Blackrock Mountain, opened up earlier this week. Intrepid adventurers will be facing Garr, Baron Geddon, Majordomo Executus, and Ragnaros. Things are starting to ...heat up here.


Wing Three: Blackrock Spire

The third wing in Blackrock Mountain is now available! Blackrock Spire is where intrepid adventurers can go to and challenge ogres, dragons, and orcs! In addition, the priest and druid class challenge cards are available here.


Wing Four: Blackrock Mountain

Blackwing Lair, the fourth wing in Blackrock Mountain is up and available! Hope you're ready and equipped for dragons! In addition, the warlock and rogue class challenge cards are available here. This is also the first wing in which we get to take a crack at Lord Victor Nefarian himself.


Wing Five: Hidden Laboratory

Welcome to the Hidden Laboratory, the final wing of Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain adventure. Here you'll get a second crack at Nefarian in his true form after battling through his other minions and creations.


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