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Breakfast Topic: What Overwatch character do you want to play?

We're starting to get a picture of how the various characters in Overwatch will play in combat.  Sure, we knew the character abilities before, but each of the gameplay previews shows those abilities in action rather than just in the abstract.  It's one thing to be told how McCree or Mercy will act in a match and what their weapons can do, but it's quite another to see them actually taking sides in battle and working with and against the other characters.

Breakfast Topic: The community still surprises me

I've met people via World of Warcraft that I consider my friends, even years after we played together. People who I've shared with and had them share with me, because that's the secret of WoW - it's the people. It's always been, and will always be, the people you meet and play with that make the game worth playing - all the content in the world won't make you happy without people to play through it with.

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