Watch the Legion Developer Q&A on itemization today The Legion Live Developer Q&A series continues today, March 16th, with Lead Game Designer Matt Goss answering your questions about itemization. It will be on Twitch and you can leave your questions in this forum thread.

Locked and Loaded: First look at Hunter legendaries in Legion Legendary items in Legion seem like they will have more in common with Diablo loot than WoW loot. They can be extremely powerful, essentially giving the equivalent of a tier set bonus on a single item, yet their acquisition is going to be completely random.

The Warrior’s Charge: Patch 6.2 and itemization It's practically a song at this point. Sing it with me — warriors are gear dependent, gear dependent, gear dependent, warriors are gear dependent, and we love crit.

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Patch 6.2: Better personal loot and more varied secondary stats Do you prefer Personal Loot to the Group Loot mechanics when you're knee-deep in a dungeon or raid? Patch 6.2 is bringing some improvements.