Loot Chest

Claim your Twitch Prime legendary loot chest in Heroes Update: This promotion is now live, make sure your Blizzard account is linked to your Twitch account and grab your loot box! Recently, Blizzard partnered up with Twitch in their new Twitch Prime promotion to give players some legendary loot boxes in Overwatch.

What did you get from Heroes 2.0? The Heroes of the Storm development team kicked off Heroes 2.0 yesterday with a bang. The internet hasn’t settled on a term yet, though Christmas of the Storm does have a certain charm to describe a day where loot chests rained from the sky like so many Azmodunks.

Heroes of the Storm influencers receiving real life Loot Chests Heroes 2.0 is introducing in-game loot chests, but some streamers and other influencers are receiving real world versions packed full of swag. An actual Heroes 2.0 Loot Chest showed up at my door.