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Marksmanship Hunter

Locked and Loaded: Hunter trinkets in patch 6.2

The hunter trinkets in Warlords so far have been your standard fare -- passive stats with a proc of some kind. They’re nice DPS boosts but there’s not much fun to be had. Thankfully, things are looking a little more interesting in patch 6.2. Hellfire Citadel has 4 trinkets for hunters, and I was recently able to test them out on the PTR.

Locked and Loaded: Grading the Level 100 hunter talents

I’ve been wanting to discuss our level 100 hunter talents for a while now, but I wasn’t sure what format the post should take. That is, until I saw Scott’s report card for level 100 rogue talents from a couple of weeks ago. I will happily steal his idea. As a pickpocketing rogue, I’m sure he’ll understand. We've had 6 months to play with the level hunter 100 talents and now it's time to see if they live up to the hype.

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