Help knit or crochet Blizzard’s annual holiday Orc sweater Back in 2009, Blizzard Entertainment installed a 12-foot orc wolfrider statue in its campus courtyard. The company has long had a tradition of dressing the statue up for the holidays — pictures of which tend to trickle onto Twitter and other social media outlets over the course of the holiday season.

Know Your Lore: Why Warcraft needs factions Some of us (okay, me) spend a lot of time decrying the effect of the Horde vs. Alliance factionalism in World of Warcraft.

Role Play: Choosing a faction — Horde Last week, we discussed the basics of the Alliance faction — which races are available to play, and the kind of plot points you can expect to see with each race. The Alliance are often touted as the “good guys” of the Warcraft universe, the golden heroes who are always pitted against the forces of...

The Queue: At least we’ll both be numb Yes, occasionally I like a nice pop song. I started writing this Queue on my birthday, but it’ll go live the day after, so you don’t have to get me a present.

Several Horde racial abilities buffed in Patch 6.2.2 It’s not a secret that many Horde players have been complaining about the underwhelming nature of Horde racial abilities in PvP this expansion. Faction imbalance has grown to the point where we’ve seen Mercenary Mode added to the game, allowing Alliance players to queue to play on the Horde side of a Battleground (and vice...

Know Your Lore: Warcraft’s orc problem One of the hardest lessons to learn as a person is that not everything is about you. So it is for me.

Orc lore
Role Play: Orcs and age in roleplay On the one hand, deciding an appropriate age for your orc may seem like a simple task -- they have lifespans similar to humans, after all. However, orcs are deceptively complicated, largely due to aging hijinks with the original Horde.

Role Play: Adventures in alternate universes Warlords of Draenor brought to the table a lot of new story that all roleplayers can use and play with, but it also brought a pretty unique opportunity for both draenei and orc roleplayers. Because this expansion is taking place in an alternate universe version of Draenor, orc and draenei roleplayers now have the chance to play in a world of "what-if." What if your character is not from Azeroth, but in fact originated on this version of Draenor?