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Patch 10.1

The Revival Catalyst can upgrade your Dragonflight Season 2 armor to tier gear — now live!

The Dragonflight incarnation of the Revival Catalyst is one of the more popular features recently added to World of Warcraft, allowing players to convert armor into tier gear for both set bonus and transmog reasons. Patch 10.1 keeps the Catalyst going while also removing the clunky charge acquisition mechanic, turning it into a passive charge gain system like the Creation Catalyst in Shadowlands.

Dragonflight Season 2 shakes up the Mythic+ affix pools — now with even more changes

Ever since Blizzard replaced Challenge Modes with Mythic+ dungeons in Legion, there have been pools of affixes -- additional effects like Grievous or Storming that each add additional difficulty to the dungeon beyond just the baseline Mythic+ expectation of "everything has more hit points and hits harder." These affixes rotate on a weekly basis, and to keep it from getting stale, Blizzard changes things from season to season, rotating the available dungeon pool, tweaking existing affixes, and adding a seasonal affix which always appear at keystone level 10 and above.

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