Protection Warrior

The Warrior’s Charge: The Trial of Rage scenario and your new class mount The new class mounts tend to work in a certain way: You finish the long campaign to open the Tomb of Sargeras, you are challenged to complete some sort of event, and when you’re done you attain a mount. All very fine.

The Warrior’s Charge: Arms and more Warrior changes on the 7.2.5 PTR I should first point out that I’m using the MMO-Champion’s and Wowhead’s 7.2.5 patch notes because Blizzard hasn’t put out their own yet, plus I logged onto the PTR myself and tooled around on a Horde Arms Warrior. My initial impressions on the changes are that I can’t tell what Blizzard’s overall goal is — especially since...

krosus fires a beam
Developers weigh in on Nighthold tank balance Tank balance has come to the fore in the Nighthold raid. World of Warcraft designer Sigma acknowledged as much in a post on the Official Forums.

The Warrior’s Charge: Warriors in patch 7.1.5 It’s been a few days since patch 7.1.5 went live. It hasn’t exactly been a resounding success for us Warriors.

The Warrior’s Charge: 7.1.5 and the unknown As of the writing of this post, we don’t know anything about 7.1.5 and Warriors. We have datamined information to look at — and I’m going to look at it — but in the absence of patch notes or any sort of official information from Blizzard we have to keep the following in mind: First,...

The Warrior’s Charge: Warrior performance in the Emerald Nightmare raid Okay, now I’ve raided Emerald Nightmare and killed enough bosses (plus seen bosses I haven’t killed yet) as both a tank and as DPS. So this column will be discussing my experiences therein.

The Warrior’s Charge: Tanking nerfs and Prot Warrior DPS By now we’ve all seen that Blizzard is going to nerf tank damage across the board. I’ll just flat out say it: Warrior AOE is pretty good (not nearly as good as Monks or Demon Hunters, but pretty solid) but our single target DPS is, at best, adequate.

The Warrior’s Charge: Warrior leveling to 110 Okay, so I’m not super fast at leveling. It took me until Wednesday to hit level 110 on the Warrior I chose to level first in Legion and here are some impressions.

The Warrior’s Charge: What to do once patch 7.0 drops Okay, you’re a Warrior and you just logged in for the first time after patch 7.0 dropped. Possibly for the first time in months.

The Warrior’s Charge: Tanking Design in the Legion beta I’m writing this column purely from a Warrior standpoint, and purely as someone who has tanked on a Warrior and Death Knight. I will say that so far I prefer DK tanking in Legion to Warrior tanking.

The Warrior’s Charge: Warriors and class lore in Legion Alphas are notorious for their changes. One minute, you get approached by a raven, the next, Danath Trollbane and/or Saurfang are asking you to go on a suicide mission with them.

The Warrior’s Charge: A Gladiator’s Resolve If you don’t know, then it falls upon me to tell you that Gladiator’s Resolve, the level 100 talent that lets Protection Warriors DPS with a sword and shield, has been removed in Legion. There are several reasons for this, some we’ve heard and some I’m speculating on.

The Warrior’s Charge: Fury and Protection in Legion Okay, so I’ve now tanked and DPS’d in various dungeons and I can say the following: Fury is fun in a dungeon. Even if you don’t have Bladestorm, you can talent to have an awesome Whirlwind/Rampage combo that does crazy AoE damage and is fun fun fun.

The Warrior’s Charge: Protection tanking in Legion There were only two dungeons available in the Legion alpha — well, before they shut down the alpha for the holidays, anyway. I’ve now tanked both Black Rook Hold and Halls of Valor and have some impressions for how Protection feels as a tanking spec in Legion.

The Warrior’s Charge: Protection talents in Legion While I’m in the alpha for Legion, at present that means playing a Demon Hunter. So for now we’ll be working based on the recent huge datamine of Legion information, which means we’re even more in a ‘don’t panic, none of this is set in stone’ area then we’d be if it was a live...

The Warrior’s Charge: Leveling without heirlooms This past month, I’ve been leveling three Warriors from 1 to around 20 or so (one with my wife, two solo) and I’ve been doing several things to make it interesting. One is that I haven’t been using a single heirloom at all.