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An Incubus model is incoming to World of Warcraft as many small adjustments take place

Over the past few weeks, World of Warcraft has been scrutinized due to a series of small changes that have been datamined and reported to the community, with the focus of removing or changing references to real people who are no longer with Blizzard, but also of seemingly toning down certain instances of content that could be deemed suggestive or immature.

Blood Pact: Warlock-themed battle pets

I've been getting into Pet Battles more because of Anna's brilliant to-the-point guides, and while I know there are better pets out there to use, I'm partial to expanding my army of demonic giraffes minions. Thankfully, most of these are drops I can farm rather than tameables out in the world, so it almost doesn't require pet battling skill at all.

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