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The Queue: Lady Mara Fordragon

This is an image of the statue of Lady Mara Fordragon in the Paladin Class Hall underneath Light’s Hope.  We don’t really know that much about Lady Mara, save that she was High Clerist of Stormwind during the evacuation after Orcs set the city on fire during the end of the First War. She helped the refugees escape and served as their patron, and she’s probably dead now. She may have been related to (perhaps even mother to) Bolvar Fordragon, aka ‘Captain Toastybuns McDeadpants of Evil Snowcone Mountain’.

I’ve always liked that characters like her exist, heroes we don’t know all that much about, and I think the statue is pretty cool. So there it is.

This is the Queue. We’ll likely talk about Legion today, so be warned and on the lookout for spoilers.

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