Zone Scaling

Do you want full-world level scaling? At BlizzCon this year, we finally got something a lot of players have been asking for: zone scaling when leveling in older expansions. Granted, it’s not full-blown, uncapped scaling for every single level, but it’s a good start.

blizzcon zone scaling
BlizzCon 2017: Patch 7.3.5 brings scaling to every WoW zone Coming in WoW patch 7.3.5, Azeroth’s zones will get the Legion treatment. All classic and expansion zones will receive level scaling.

Does leveling still matter? I’m not talking about “Hey, it’s a new expansion, level through these new zones and see new quests/do new things” leveling — I honestly think that’s some of Blizzard’s strongest game design and has been since Mists of Pandaria. Even people who hate Warlords with the fire and intensity of a billion exploding suns tend...

Artwork from Legion
Interview: Dave Kosak talks Class Halls, Flying, and more from Legion BlizzCon 2015 may be over, but there’s still a ton of information to process, particularly in regards to the next World of Warcraft expansion, Legion. While at the convention, we had a chance to sit down and talk with Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak about the upcoming Class Halls, pre-launch event details, zone-wide scaling, dungeons,...

The Queue: Titan’s Grip Lives So it turns out I’ll be maining a Fury Warrior in Legion after all, because thanks to the Legion Q&A I know that Titan’s Grip isn’t going anywhere — the Artifact weapons for Fury Warriors are 2h weapons, they’re just not sized properly yet. Special thanks to Jay Wilson for answering the question at the Q&A, and Dylan Rondeau for asking the question in the first place.