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News > WoWJul 25, 2016 1:00 pm CT

“Thrall’s balls!” New emotes added to WoW in Legion pre-patch

Snuck into the most recent patch without much fanfare, it turns out half a dozen new voice emotes have been added to World of Warcraft. While some of these emotes existed before the Legion pre-patch, the voice lines to go with them are all brand new. And yes, that includes Orcs yelling, “Thrall’s balls!” — among other really interesting additions. Follow us after the break for a full list of the updated emotes as well as a video showcasing them.

Update: The original video did not include all six of the new emotes. Now it does!

The emotes that have been updated include /taunt, /whoa, /doom, /sorry, /oops, and /ForTheHorde or /ForTheAlliance. Note that you can technically type the incorrect /ForThe emote on any faction and cause your character to do the celebratory animation, sans voice lines. Outside of that, my personal favorite line is the male Gnome /whoa because it includes the word “zoinks.” Another interesting change is that the male Pandaren /sorry emote now causes them to say “Dui bu qi,” which is Mandarin for sorry.

All in all, the new emotes are a small but welcome addition which add that much more life to the game. Time will tell if we’ll see more voice emotes added in the future. (Sadly, Trolls still must /mourn the loss of their long-forgotten /silly emote from the days of yore.)

For those not interested in hopping from character to character to test all of these, YouTuber AxeEnding999 has put together a compilation of all the new emotes spoken by male and female versions of each race. Check it out below:

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