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News > WoWNov 15, 2016 3:06 pm CT

WoW tokens possibly part of Battle.net account balance in patch 7.1.5

During BlizzCon 2016 earlier this month, the question was posed during the World of Warcraft Q&A about whether or not Blizzard was going to make the WoW Token a more widespread form of currency, working for other games and not just WoW. And the answer was unambiguously yes.

Q: Any plan on turning the WoW Token into an item that can be used on other character services? Character recustomization, etc?

A: Yes. They designed the system to be useful across all of their services, but to ensure it worked smoothly, they started off with 30 days of gametime only. When you use a token, you’ll get the choice of how to redeem it.

But until now we didn’t know anything about how that was going to work. The folks at Wowhead have datamined a potential answer, however. The new strings for the token will still allow you to redeem it for game time as is currently the case, but add functionality that would let you apply it to your Battle.net balance instead, which would allow you to use it to purchase other services like a race change or character transfer instead of just game time. This makes in game gold even more flexible in terms of the services it can provide.

There’s also a string saying that there’s a limit to all this — at least one says that you can’t apply the token to your balance because it’s maxed out. This may be a limit similar to that we currently have in place to keep you from just buying unlimited game time with gold. Whether or not you could also use this gold to buy a token that would then work for, say, Hearthstone packs or Overwatch is yet to be seen. And as always, remember that this is datamined information, it may not make it to the live game.

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