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WoW’s patch 7.3 music is amazing

Music is just one of the things that creates so many memories in WoW. The music in Legion has been great, but we didn’t really get anything new after the initial zone music, and one of the big disappointments was that the raids so far didn’t really have unique music. Argus is definitely making up for that.

Wowhead datamined a plethora of music for the new zones as well as the new raid. Hopefully they keep up with the unique music, since everyone was a bit concerned when they rearranged their music department to be contract rather than full-time in-house.


Krokuun is where we initially land in Argus and begin our explorations. The music is uplifting with that full, epic world feel. It’s ethereal and calming, creating a sense of swirling wonder. Our arrival sets off a spark of hope, both for the besieged Army of the Light who had been floundering, and also for Argus’ eredar who had stayed to fight these thousands of years. The strings and harp really contribute to the explorative feel when we encounter the Army of the Light and set out to save our world.


The further we get into Argus, the darker it gets. Mac’Aree brings a little more serious music, appropriate to the slightly darker themes dealing with Argus’s past and present. It really drives home the feeling that we are dealing with serious stuff here and feels appropriate given the magnitude of the events that went on millennia ago and how they are finally coming to a head now. Velen has returned to set things right and finally deal with Sargeras.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

{PB}There is a whole host of new music for the raid, and it brings us a drastic change in pace. Instead of floating strings and flute flicks, we have heavy horns, beating drums, and a frantic pace. This is what we have been working toward throughout the whole World of Warcraft, and it was dire enough that the planet herself had to warn us.

There are 10 pieces for the raid alone, each clanging and crashing, moving us to our final goal. It really portrays the circumstances we are in — and the cost if we fail.

This piece gives image to frantic running, fighting, moving as the walls are closing in and we’re being besieged from all sides. Appropriately, it’s named “Battle walk music,” though it feels more like it’s “Battle flee music.”

The new music definitely adds to the ambiance of the new zones, creating a feeling echoing the story we progress through. If you like listening to the soundtracks, they’re all worth a listen on their own and there are many more than are listed here. Wowhead has the full music playlist on YouTube with all of patch 7.3’s new music.

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