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DiscussionAug 20, 2018 8:00 am CT

What do you think we’ll see at BlizzCon this year?

The third round of BlizzCon tickets have been sold out — but November is just a few short months away. It’s at this point that my focus turns from “Who’s going to be there” to “What are they going to announce this time around?” And you know, I don’t actually have a really solid answer to that one, prediction-wise. Battle for Azeroth literally just came out, so it’s unlikely we’re going to see anything related to a new expansion. The next patch for the current expansion, maybe, but not the next one.

Overwatch appears to be gunning to announce something new at Gamescom this week — will they have something big for BlizzCon too? Or maybe Diablo will pull something out of its hat. They did say they had several projects underway for the Diablo franchise. Yes, we did just get an announcement that the game is headed to the Nintendo Switch, but maybe they’ve got something else to drop at BlizzCon as well. Diablo 4? World of Diablo? We can only dream for now. StarCraft on the Switch maybe — who knows?

Heroes of the Storm may drop a new hero or map — it seems likely, since they did the same thing last year. And it feels pretty likely that we’ll hear about Hearthstone’s next expansion, given that The Boomsday Project will have been out for several months by that time. There’s one entry left for the Year of the Raven, and the timing seems to line up nicely enough. Alternatively, and this is a long shot, Blizzard might just have another IP up its sleeve. Nobody was really expecting Overwatch when it was announced, it just…arrived, and everyone immediately fell in love.

What do you guys think we’ll be hearing about at BlizzCon? What do you expect the big announcements to be? What are you hoping to hear more about? What kind of panels do you look forward to? I’m hoping we see more voice actor panels this year, preferably streaming so people can watch from home. How many of you guys are headed to Anaheim this year, and what kind of announcement would make the journey totally worth it for you?

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