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Discussion > WoWSep 10, 2018 8:00 am CT

What could Blizzard add to WoW to make repeatable content more interesting?

By all accounts, Battle for Azeroth is an objectively fantastic expansion. Like pretty much every expansion that came before it, Battle for Azeroth takes the good from the previous expansion and makes it better. And yet, I can’t help but feel like Legion perfected max-level content a little too well, resulting in BFA’s max-level content feeling… not all that new.

For instance, with the release of Warfronts last week, we got our first real feel for the new Arathi Highlands. It’s full of max-level enemies and, more importantly, several rare mobs that drop all kinds of goodies. It’s a lot like Argus, really — except we can fly in Arathi, and Warfront progression determines what we can or cannot farm. In other words, it took Legion’s Argus design and improved on it — or, if you’re a curmudgeon, you have to admit that it at least changed that design up a bit.

But while flying around Arathi chasing rares, I couldn’t help but feel like it was still too familiar. There are probably multiple reasons for this, but the one that immediately jumps to my mind is the rewards you get for farming the rares. Yes, the mounts and pets and toys from Arathi rares are pretty awesome — but I’ve been farming those same three things off of rares for a while now.

It might not solve all of my issues, but I would love to see Blizzard add different rewards to this sort of repeatable content. Give me cosmetic-only items and items sets from these enemies! Add some new weapon illusions! Remember the music scrolls for the garrison’s jukebox? Give me something like that to farm — something that adds to my customization options in a way different from mounts and pets.

Again, it’s not a perfect solution, but it would at least change things up a bit for now. What do you think about all this, though? Do you have a specific type of item you’d want to farm? Or is your solution more involved, like a complete overhaul of the rare-hunting system? What, dear readers, would you do to shake up the max-level repeatable content in WoW?

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