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Discussion > WoWSep 25, 2018 8:00 am CT

What would you change about gear drops in World of Warcraft?

One thing I absolutely hate about World of Warcraft is when I do an activity and I get nothing for it.

And when I say “nothing,” I mean gold or Artifact Power. Those count as nothing. This goes double for when I use a Seal to re-roll for an additional chance at loot and I still only get gold or AP instead. I hate this. The entire reason I used a re-roll was to get an item — no one wants to spend what has become an even more limited resource in Battle for Azeroth and get nothing for it.

This has been one of the reasons I’ve found myself loving Warfronts — while most of the time what I get is a side-grade, I always get something when I run a Warfront. There’s always an item in my bags at the end of the run that wasn’t there when I started — a 340 or better epic piece that I can use, learn a transmog from, or disenchant/scrap if I have no other use for it. And that just feels better to me — it hits the dopamine buzz, and the “Oooh, what did I get?!” feeling is a lot better than “Oh… gold” for whatever reason.

In fact, the Warfront system has me seriously questioning how WoW does loot otherwise. When I do an entire dungeon or raid and get nothing for the entire run but gold and/or AP? That feels very, very bad. I shouldn’t resent stopping my Warfront clears to run a raid because I know I won’t get any drops from the raid. That just shouldn’t be happening.

So if I could make some changes to look, there are two I’d personally make. One would be that completing a dungeon or raid should always give you a random item from the loot tables of every boss in the dungeon — so if you cleared Uldir, at the end of the night there would be an item from one of the bosses in your bags. Not necessarily an item you wanted or needed — maybe it’s a trinket you already have or a weapon you have the Warforged version of — but something. And the second change would be that you could only re-roll once per dungeon/raid — but when you did, you were guaranteed a drop from that boss. Again, no guarantee it would be what you wanted, but it would never be AP or gold — it would always be an item.

That certainly seems like it would would feel better and make for a happier player base without drastically inflating gear acquisition. What do you think? How would you change gearing?

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