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Discussion > WoWOct 16, 2018 8:00 am CT

What kind of reward does endgame content in Battle for Azeroth need?

I see a lot of discussion about what there is to do once you hit the endgame portions of WoWand often I see the assertion that there’s not much. The list of things I personally see to do — dungeons, raids, World Quests/Emissaries, Island Expeditions, and Warfronts/Arathi quests — is big. Coupled with the War Campaign for each faction and the faction-specific questlines that deal with the storyline for both sides, it often seems that the real problem isn’t that there isn’t much to do. What the problem seems to be is that it isn’t what people want to do.

As an example, Island Expeditions don’t feel rewarding to me because they’re pretty stingy — this, despite the fact that they’re the best source for Azerite farming and in terms of the transmog I want from them. I see the items I wanted to get on the AH for hundreds of thousands of gold a lot more often than I see them drop for me when I do the Island Expeditions. As a result, I don’t particularly want to do them anymore.

That could be improved by making the drop rates better, or Blizzard could stick to its guns on the idea that Island Expeditions are for Azerite acquisition and put those rewards somewhere else. But should they? Is there enough content and is it rewarding enough for you, personally? I feel like World Quests in particular could definitely use better rewards at this stage of the game — especially when it comes to the paucity of weapon drops, more would be better right about now.

But how about you guys? Do you feel like the rewards are commensurate with the tasks we’re performing and the time we’re expending?

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