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DiscussionJun 12, 2019 8:00 am CT

What have you got in your bank from long ago that you just can’t get rid of?

Every couple of months, I clean out my bank. Essentially, that simply means I verify everything I’ve stuck in it is still there and is not eligible to be moved to Void Storage. Oh, I could delete all the gear sets. Look at that. That’s the level 70’s bag with my Beast Lord set and Thori’dal. I have a bunch of other accumulated things in it too, like miscellaneous trinkets. I would LOVE a trinket tab. I save all these trinkets with interesting procs but which I can’t use — Rhea’s Last Egg, Monster Slayer’s Kit, Gus’ First Aid Kit, to name a few.

I digress. Look at that item in my bank. Craftsman’s Writ – Potion of Petrification. For those of you playing WoW Classic, you need to know about Craftsman’s Writs. These items — when turned in with their attendant requirement — gave you Argent Dawn tokens plus reputation. They could be used to buy gear sold only by the Argent Dawn. There are 24 separate writs. You picked up a random one from Dispatch Commander Metz at Light’s Hope Chapel.

Once The Burning Crusades came out, you didn’t need Metz’ gear to run Naxxramas. The writs stayed in the game until a few months after Cataclysm arrived. This one I have in my bank was given to me by a former guild member. He had it in his bank and me — seeing it was Alchemy related — said, “Sure! I’ll take it” when he offered it to guild members. I stuck it in my bank and didn’t look to see if I could actually do this for about six months. I mean — I was in Cataclysm and Argent Dawn was old content. I just didn’t get around to it.

So here I am in Battle for Azeroth, cleaning out my bank and there it is. I got exalted with the Argent Dawn in the early days of The Burning Crusade so I never obtained the writs at the time they were live. The gear the tokens bought can be purchased from vendors in Netherstorm. There’s no logical reason to keep this. But it represents a different time in World of Warcraft. Having played for a long time, there are some things for which the nostalgia value is very high. This is one of those things.

I stumbled upon this and realized I needed to let people know these should be in WoW Classic and you’ll want to pick them up for gear. And then I look at all of you who have played for some time and wonder, okay, what do you have in your bank — behind the trinkets and the gear — from your first days of playing that isn’t in any way useful, but which you just can’t part with? Why? Nostalgia or something else?

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