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DiscussionSep 11, 2019 8:00 am CT

What playstyle has just never worked for you, no matter how hard you try?

I love Alarak. He’s my favorite Protoss by a large margin. He has that perfect mix of disdain and sass that make him a standout character in the StarCraft 2 campaign. So when Heroes of the Storm announced he was coming, I was super excited. Surely, I thought, this was going to be the character that I used to reach the highest ranks of Heroes. Everything I saw about him looked amazing. Most importantly, he was still voiced by John De Lancie. Best known as Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation, John takes the haughty disdain and cranks it up to eleven. It was all coming together for me to be the next professional Alarak player.

Finally, the day came that Alarak launched. I got him, chose the best mount-and-skin combo, and played my first game. It went… poorly. But it was my first game, so that’s fine — expected, even! So I kept trying, and trying, and trying. I was never able to make him work. The combo between his Telekinesis and Discord Strike never landed for me. Plus I have a habit of engaging too hard and getting picked off for doing stupid things. After losing many many games I realized that I was never going to be able to play him the way he was meant to be played. It’s okay, though — I can still watch other people play him. Blizzard even included the Alarak announcer so that I can get the joy of Alarak in all of my games!

On the World of Warcraft side of things, I’m equally as bad at Vengeance Demon Hunters. They always look so cool, leaping all over the place, making pretty runes on the ground, and gliding off of tall things. But in practice, I just tend to explode. Anything harder than a World Quest or Timewalking just means I’m a liability to my group. I’m great at tanking on my Druid — but just so bad at Demon Hunter tanking.

Is there a character in Overwatch or Heroes that you’re just no good at? Or a spec in Warcraft that looks so cool… until you start playing it? No judgment here! We can’t all be good at everything!

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