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NewsOct 10, 2019 10:00 am CT

Chris Metzen is playing Thunder in Dragon Prince season 3, which seems pretty appropriate

If you don’t know what The Dragon Prince is, here’s a quick primer. It’s the story of three characters — Rayla the Moonshadow Elf, Callum, and Ezra, the latter two of whom are half brothers and princes of the Human kingdom of Katolis — who are swept up in calamitous, world-shaking events involving the return of a Dragon’s Egg to the Dragons and the potential end of a war brewing on the horizon. There’s way more, but seriously, just watch the show. It’s pretty great. And now it’s about to get even greater, because one of the best Dragon voice actors — he played Victor Nefarius/Nefarian, y’all, I spent a lot of time punching this guy in his dragony face back in the day — is joining the show.

You know, if you wanted to cast a voice actor who can do a gruff, fatherly voice and a guy who can sound like a Dragon, Metzen is certainly not a bad choice to be that guy. I worry about The Dragon Prince getting to come back after season 3 — Netflix is notorious for canceling shows after three seasons — but while it’s here, you get a chance to listen to the man who brought us most of what makes Warcraft what it is and who played iconic figures like Thrall, Nefarian, and sometimes Varian Wrynn. Metzen will make a simply magnificent giant angry Dragon father, I think. I expect it’ll be in flashback due to plot reasons I’m not going to spoil now, but quite frankly it’d be really cool if Metzen got to be a permanent addition to the cast, at least for however long the show hangs around.

Seriously, Netflix, stop canceling shows after two seasons. And make that Diablo animated series, already.  And cast Metzen in that, too. Put Metzen in everything. I had no idea how much I missed him until Thrall showed up in Battle for Azeroth. The Dragon Prince returns to Netflix for its third and hopefully not last season on November 22, which also happens to be Metzen’s birthday.

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