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WoWOct 17, 2019 3:00 pm CT

Everything there is to know about Ashjra’kamas, patch 8.3’s legendary cloak

Patch 8.3 is bringing us a new a Legendary cloak which will be used in Horrific Visions and also against N’Zoth in the final raid. The cloak now an official name: Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve. And no, we don’t know how to pronounce it either. We’ll probably just call it by another name, like my guild did for Steve the Tree.

Ashjra’kamas looks like it’s intended to be part of everyone’s gear set when the final raid comes out, because its main effect reduces sanity-draining attacks, which will feature heavily in patch 8.3 and in Ny’alotha against N’Zoth.

Where do you get Ashjra’kamas?

We don’t know the details, but we do know that you’ll get the cloak from Wrathion. Again.

The cloaks are tied to the Horrific Visions scenario and will help us resist N’Zoth’s sanity-draining attacks. Ion said in the patch 8.3 content preview that we won’t do very well the first time we enter the Horrific Vision, where our sanity will be a precious commodity. What we can guess is that Wrathion will then appear and offer the protection of the Legendary cloak to survive the onslaught of N’Zoth’s mind.

We don’t know if it will be tied to a long quest chain like the previous Legendaries in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. Those Legendaries spanned much of the expansion, and this cloak is only coming in the final patch. Based on that and the multiple ranks of upgrades, it seems likely that it will just be based on your progress in Horrific Visions.

How the Legendary cloak works

The cloak starts at ilevel 445 and can be upgraded by 15 ranks. Each rank will slightly increase how much Sanity loss the cloak reduces, and the 5th, 10th, and 15th ranks provide a 10 ilevel increase as well as a much larger boost in Sanity loss reduction.

The cloak is upgraded using Horrific Core and possibly Corrupting Core. These seem to come from the Horrific Visions scenario in some form, possibly by just completing it. Upgrading your cloak will allow you to keep your sanity longer and venture further into N’Zoth’s Horrific Visions each time, granting you better rewards.

  • Rank 1: 445 ilevel, 5% Sanity loss reduction
  • Rank 2: 445 ilevel, 7.5%
  • Rank 3: 445 ilevel, 10%
  • Rank 4: 445 ilevel, 12.5%
  • Rank 5: 455 ilevel, 25%
  • Rank 6: 455 ilevel, 27.5%
  • Rank 7: 455 ilevel, 30%
  • Rank 8: 455 ilevel, 32.5%
  • Rank 9: 455 ilevel, 35%
  • Rank 10: 465 ilevel, 50%
  • Rank 11: 465 ilevel, 52.5%
  • Rank 12: 465 ilevel, 55%
  • Rank 13: 465 ilevel, 57.5%
  • Rank 14: 465 ilevel, 60%
  • Rank 15: 475 ilevel, 75%

At its cap, the Legendary cloak will be 475 item level, which will be equal to Mythic gear in the new raid, Ny’alotha the Waking City. It’s already been hotfixed once, so we’ll see if it stays at that level.

The cloak also has cosmetic upgrades

Like the Legendary cloak from Mists of Pandaria, Ashjra’kamas will also get visual upgrades along the way. Currently there are three appearances: a base tentacle-y look at level 1, a red and gold upgrade at level 5, and a cosmic and starry blue and gold version at level 10. These cosmetic appearances also coincide with the first two item level increase thresholds, while the final look is only unlocked when your cloak hits rank 15.

It’s interesting to note that the final iteration evokes the cosmos that we typically see with the Titans.

What Ashjra’kamas means for players

Players see “Legendary item” and they think of long quest chains and hoops to jump through, because previous Legendaries had long and involved quest chains requiring group content in dungeons and raids. The cloak from Mists of Pandaria was especially controversial because it also required PVE-focused raiders to go into PVP and win the two new battlegrounds.

However, this Legendary cloak is probably more akin to Artifact Weapons than it is to past Legendaries. You can do Horrific Visions by yourself or with friends, so there won’t be anything preventing anyone from getting this cloak. The upgrades seem to be tied to Horrific Visions as well, so it appears that the whole venture can be done solo. It’s possible that groups may be able to upgrade faster, but you should still be able to do this regardless of how many people you play with or what content you normally do.

Ashjra’kamas will probably be mandatory

We know from Ion’s comment in the developer content preview that the cloak will also be used in the fight against N’Zoth in the new raid. From what we can tell, the final boss fight will also include sanity-draining attacks like those in the Horrific Visions, and the cloak can mitigate them.

What’s interesting, however, is that no other cloaks have been datamined for the raid. Of the 1200+ items in the patch so far, the only cloaks are Ashjra’kamas and PVP cloaks. Even back in Mists of Pandaria, cloaks were still on the loot table in Siege of Orgrimmar for anyone who didn’t pursue the Legendary version. The Legendary cloaks back then weren’t integral for any fight in Siege of Orgrimmar: they were just really great pieces of gear with useful effects. This time around, the Legendary cloak directly interacts with the raid, and you may need it to make it through.

Because we’ll be upgrading it as we go, it will likely be much higher level than many players’ average gear, making it as default more powerful than other cloaks. For Mythic raiders, it will likely reach that higher rank much quicker than the rest of their gear.

For better or for worse

Unfortunately, Ashjra’kamas still seems lacking. The item level seems low for a Legendary item. The Mists legendary cloak was 608 ilvl, while the highest gear in Siege of Orgrimmar was 566. The same followed for the Warlords ring and Legion legendaries.

The final rank of Ashjra’kamas is the same as Mythic raid gear, which will definitely be an upgrade for players below that, but may not be as enticing for top players. The secondary stats also don’t increase that much with upgrades. While the cloak looks like it will be easier to get and maintain than previous Legendaries, assigning it the Legendary tag gives players expectations that it will be special — at least more special than what we have seen so far.

Obviously the lack of cloaks in patch 8.3 is an intentional change. If the cloak is truly not meant to be replaced, it will be interesting to see how the Grand Challenger’s Bounty works.

Keeping the cloak at its current power level may not please Mythic raiders, who may want other cloaks they can get for better stats. But for the majority of players, receiving a cloak from the weekly Mythic+ cache, when the Legendary cloak is so much higher is going to be annoying.

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