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BlizzCon > WoWNov 1, 2019 5:48 pm CT

The races and zones we’ll encounter in Shadowlands

In WoW’s new expansion, Shadowlands, we’ll be sent to four new zones, each of which have their own race that we can choose to ally with. The races will function as factions called Covenants, which will function as a major feature of Shadowlands, and integrated into every aspect of the game and an essential part of progressing through the expansion. Since we are tethered to the land of the living, we are desired and they seek out our aid.

There are also two more areas that we’ll encounter, that can have dire consequences, but without the Covenant factions.


Bastion is the land of virtue. Those who were “called to service” (such as in the Light) go there to shed their earthly burdens and seek higher virtue. The covenant of Bastion is the Kyrian, who are the progenitors of the Valkyr and Spirit Healers.

The example used of a soul we would find here is Uther the Lightbringer. It makes sense we would find the more Holy types who follow the Light here, as well as particularly virtuous people.


Maldraxxus is not necessarily evil, but it is a zone of those who were proud and strong. It is a land of military might and rewards those strong enough to survive. The covenant here is the Necrolords.

A soul we will find here is Thrall’s mother Draka. She was good, but she also was fearless and used her strength to survive.


Ardenweald is an enchanted mystical forest, very similar to the Emerald Dream and some of the portal lands we encountered on Argus. This is where the Dust came from. The covenant here is the Night Fae, who seem to be related to nymphs and centaurs.

Unsurprisingly, a soul we’ll find here is Cenarius. He had already been here once and he returned from Ardenweald to help us in Cataclysm.


The fourth leveling zone is Revendreth, which is a very Gothic and dark area. This is one of the less savory zones, since it’s intended for flawed and prideful souls who need to atone for their sins. The covenant in Revendreth is the Venthyr, who seem to be vampire-like beings that can’t abide the light.

A soul we’ll find here is Kael’thas. Apparently it’s still yet another setback.

There are two more zones, one a trade hub and one for max-level content.

Oribos, the Eternal City

Oribos is an ancient city at the heart of the Shadowlands. It is the home of the Arbiter, the being who judges all souls as they pass from life to death, and she sends them on to the appropriate place. Oribos predates memory and seems like it will function as the main hub for players to gather.

The Maw

The max-level zone of Shadowlands. This is a terrible place. It’s a free-form area for outdoor gameplay. Stuff here is dangerous. No one “has ever escaped” from the Maw, which indicates that we’ll probably have to figure out how to get out. The Maw is intended for the worst souls of all and is home to The Jailor, however right now death is broken and souls are pouring in willy nilly.

Once again, it’s up to us to save the world. But the consequences are more dire this time.

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