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WoWNov 7, 2019 6:30 pm CT

A quick guide to doing all of WoW’s 15th Anniversary content

Happy 15th anniversary, World of Warcraft! This year we have quite a lot to do for the anniversary celebration, and the event will run until January 7.

When you log in, you’ll find Anniversary Gift in the mail for each of your characters. It includes the anniversary pet, Lil’ Nefarian, along with 200 Timewarped Badges, Celebration Package, Invitation from the Timewalkers, and Celebration Firework. Use the Celebration Package on every character, as it’s a permanent 15% rep and xp buff while the anniversary event lasts. The invitation will start a breadcrumb quest to lead you to Chromie.

Head to the Caverns of Time to get this party started

This time, the Bronze Dragonflight has brought the anniversary event to their home turf: the Caverns of Time. Inside there is a whole celebration going on with many revelers and attractions. To get there, take the portal from your faction’s portal room — for Alliance, at the opposite end of the hall; for Horde, on your way out of the portal room, go down the stairs on the side to a second portal room.

There is a volleyball court where you can bounce Khadgar’s head in the Bouncy Wisdom Ball over the net. Coridormi has a Scarab Gong for players to ring their heart out. Elite Tauren Chieftain will show up to play a concert, and Blight Boar plays in the graveyard every hour. For nostalgia, you can watch various old cinematics via Chronocrystals.

Note that if  you’re a Tailor and are on the Tools of the Trade questline for Synchronous Thread, Caverns of Time will be phased for you until you complete it.

Relive the memories of Azeroth

The anniversary raid is through the group finder system, but you have queue up with Chromie in the caverns — similar to how you queue up for the other Timewalking raids. If you’re queuing with friends, you only need one person physically present at Chromie, but make sure everyone picks up How Things “Really” Happened… for 500 Timewalking Badges. You need to be level 120 and ilevel 380 to queue.

Chromie indicates players “choose” a boss to fight, but it doesn’t matter what they pick and it will go through the bosses in a set order for each “wing.” This is also the case if you wipe on one (or even the last) — it will start you over again on the first boss.

The encounters take you to a “snapshot” of each boss, swapping to the next when you hit a certain threshold of their health. It resets all cooldowns when it swaps to the next boss and automatically rezzes anyone who died. At the end of each expansion wing, you get a chance at 420 ilvl loot. The loot chest includes everything from each boss’s loot table. Unfortunately, this includes worthless necks. However, it also includes rare mounts like Ashes of Al’ar, Invincible, Pureblood Fire Hawk, and the Infinite Timereaver. The three wings are on a weekly raid lockout and you can complete them for loot every raid reset from now until January.

There are a couple raid killers that will set you back. The Burning Crusade wing seems to go relatively smoothly — just make sure on Archimonde if you get thrown up to use the extra action button when you’re nearing the ground (or it will wear off too early and you’ll go splat). In the Wrath wing, Heigan’s safety dance will wreck players but if you have strong healers you can heal through it. If you don’t remember the dance, it goes from left to right and back again. Anub’arak will take forever if people kiting don’t move the spikes into ice patches. And on the Lich King, get out of defile. It will wipe the whole raid if everyone is stacked up.

Cataclysm also goes smoothly, until you get to Ragnaros. Just note that Nefarian’s fight is the lava phase so get on your pillar fast. Ragnaros will wipe everyone if they don’t move away from seeds or get out of fire or stand in the hammer or DPS adds going to the hammer or kite the meteors… Basically be prepared to wipe. At least it’s not bugged anymore and constantly porting people back into the the middle.

After completing all three wings, you get Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire which send you the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount in your mail.

Alterac Valley of Olde

If you’re a glutton for punishment, come do this! It’s like the Classic Alterac Valley with no time limit, and it scales everyone to level 60. It’s actually great for leveling as it gives good XP. But if you want the mounts (it gives you both), it’s going to be annoying. Right now the only way to earn credit for the 200 Timewalking Badges is to only do the repeatable quests and not help out with the battleground. Sorry, people who want to win. Hopefully Blizzard changes it.

You queue up for this in the PVP group finder interface under “Korrak’s Revenge,” but grab Soldier of Time from Chromie.

World bosses and transmog

The world bosses are also back and they drop 400 ilvl loot. Make sure to grab The Originals quest from Historian Llore or Historian Ju’pa. Note that it’s now a weekly quest instead of a daily, but you can also do it every week until January. The world bosses are still daily for loot chances and they drop good loot for transmog, including old appearances that were removed. Their difficulty has apparently been nerfed and are easier to kill.

Vendors and rewards

Usually Llore and Ju’pa act as anniversary vendors, but this year Historian Ma’di has the job. She sells all the anniversary items from the past several years, including Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses and Overtuned Corgi Goggles. You can still do the daily trivia quests from Llore or Ju’pa for 5 badges each day.

Otela, in the hall leading down into the caverns, sells a Jar of Sunwarmed Sand toy for 1000 Timewalking Badges and Sunwarmed Sand for 10 badges. Persnip Goodup, next to Chromie, sells Blue Anniversary Balloons, Red Anniversary Balloons, and Sharpened Pin to ruin everyone’s fun. Waiters sell candy consumables that give fun effects — Sugary Soul Shard that turns everything purple, Spellstone Delight that gives a speed boost (not usable in instances), and Ookerdooker Elixir that turns you into a skeletal monkey.

The anniversary event lasts for two months, which gives you a ton of time to farm transmog and Timewalking Badges. Happy hunting!

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