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WoWDec 12, 2019 2:00 pm CT

Everything we know about the Venthyr Covenant in WoW Shadowlands

The Venthyr — one of WoW Shadowlands’ new Covenants — has a pride problem. The Revendreth-based group takes in the souls that land in the Shadowlands and strips them of their arrogance so that they may either move on to another covenant or become one of their own. Choosing the Venthyr as your desired Covenant will net you with some useful abilities and rewards, but you also might be dealing with a race that has internal problems to work out. Here’s everything we know about the Venthyr Covenant.

Who are the Venthyr in WoW Shadowlands?

The Venthyr are a race of vampiric people that personally deal with the souls that are consumed by their flaws. It’s why our buddy Kael’thas Sunstrider resides there. The Venthyr take these souls and have them serve within them, creating a hierarchy of prideful people. As the official page notes, the Venthyr are full of arrogance and corruption. Their current leader Denathrius has problems of his own that it sounds like we’ll be combating with as we work through the Covenant’s storyline.

What are the Venthyr abilities in WoW Shadowlands?

Every Covenant has two sets of abilities: movement abilities and class combat abilities. The Venthyr’s movement ability is called Door of Shadows. This lets you wend through the shadows and appear at a targeted location on a two minute cooldown. Like the other Covenant’s abilities, Door of Shadows has you traverse the environment undetected — which might prove useful in the Maw and Torghast.

We know very little about the class abilities. At BlizzCon 2019, we were given a tease at the Venthyr Mage ability. Mirrors of Torment creates three mirrors that rotate around an enemy for six seconds. Whenever they cast abilities they take 7,000 Shadow damage and are rooted for 1.5 seconds. This ability is on a two minutes cooldown. Game Informer got a look at the Death Knight Venthyr ability that ups your survivability. Swarming Mist covers you in a mist for eight seconds. Your Avoidance is increased by 311 and you deal 136 Shadow damage every second to all enemies around you within 10 yards. You also gain three Runic Power per enemy you damage.

What are the Venthyr Soulbinds in WoW Shadowlands?

Every Covenant will offer you Soulbind denizens. You’ll be able to create a bond with them to earn powers specific to their role. You’ll earn more of the powers as you increase your relationship with your Soulbind. Think of it like Artifact Weapons except you can swap them out and alter them with a mostly unknown item called a Conduit.

Right now, we only know of two Venthyr Soulbind denizens. Theotar, The Mad Duke is a former Venthyr member that has a twisted version of Revendreth’s magic. He can give you a five percent increase to your critical strike against targets with lower health than you, an ability to reduce your damage taken by 30 percent when you drop below 35 percent of your health, and (via a Conduit alteration) the ability to gain five percent leech when you heal an ally who is below 50 percent health. Nadjia, The Mistblade doesn’t have any known story yet, but she can teach anyone to Parry, and give you an increase to it by six percent.

What are the Venthyr armor sets in WoW Shadowlands?

Each Covenant will have a unique armor set that you’ll be able to earn somehow. There’s not much information out there about what the armor sets do or how you’ll obtain them, but we did get a peek at what they look like. At BlizzCon, we got a look at the plate armor set that matches the Covenant’s red and black color scheme. It’s got big shoulder pads and a regal-looking helmet. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see many of the unique cloaks for the Venthyr, but Blizzard did tease one of them that looks like skeletal wings.

Other than the fact that we known the Venthyr will also receive a unique mount and a Battle Pet, that’s all we know about the vampire Covenant of the Shadowlands. Hopefully a lot more information comes out via stuff like betas and announcements. Otherwise, you’ll have to get to level 60 in the new expansion and start working your way through their ranks to find out more.

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