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Blizzard Watch > Off TopicJan 3, 2020 4:00 pm CT

There’s a new Blizzard Watch D&D session starting right now!

If you have enjoyed our previous streams, like the one from December, then rejoice, because the Blizzard Watch D&D crew is going to be back this Saturday, January 4 for more D&D fun with me, their friendly DM. If you want to catch up on all our previous streams, they’re now available in a reworked podcast page, all the way at the bottom. I will point out that I never once named this whole thing — that was their doing.

Remember, our cast of players is as follows:

  • Kainehe, a Water Genasi Sorceress — played by Elizabeth Harper
  • Mischief, a Tiefling Rogue — played by Anne Stickney
  • Fizzl, a Kenku Bard — played by Michael “Mitch” Mitchell
  • Mediel, a Dwarf Cleric — played by Deb Montague
  • Wilyur Rustspark, a Gnome Mage — played by Joe “Lodur” Perez
  • Zellan, an Elven Fighter — played by Cory Taylor

So far, over the course of the past several sessions, our party has woken up inside a volcano lair, escaped from that only to have a dragon made of lava hatch out of it and burn their boat, crashed on a beach where they were then attacked by Kobolds riding Inostrancevia, met with a mysterious shapeshifter who pointed them towards an even more mysterious ruin, fought Githzerai Monks with strange magic sticks, and ended up on another plane of existence where talking cows and a party of odd adventurers have offered to take them to a nearby ruin or a nearby gate town.

Whew. That was a lot.

If you’d like to catch up, here are the previous installments:

  1. The original, and completely inaccurately titled, One-Shot Spectacular
  2. We’re On A Boat
  3. Life’s a Beach
  4. Try not to kill the Kenku, K?
  5. Curse of the Dice Bot
  6. A Moo-Ving Conversation

So yeah, we’re going live on the Blizzard Watch Twitch channel on Saturday. January 4 at 10:30 a.m. CST if you want to join us, and we’ll be uploading the session to SoundCloud in a post later if you can’t tune in live but still want to take a listen later.

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