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DiscussionFeb 6, 2020 8:00 am CT

What would the perfect raid have been if we had gotten patch 8.3.5?

We’re not going to get another raid in Battle for Azeroth. Ny’alotha just came out and Blizzard has said that there won’t be a patch 8.3.5… but if we did get a small raid to help lead into Shadowlands who would you like to see as bosses?

When the War Campaign ended, Sylvanas and Nathanos were headed off to parts unknown. Ranger-General Lor’themar dispatched scouts to try and track them down, but we don’t know what happened between the confrontation at Orgrimmar and Sylvanas reaching Icecrown Citadel. She is alone in the cinematic though, so where did Nathanos go? Maybe we found him.

A two-boss raid where we have to fight a giant Undead monstrosity and then cap it off with an epic showdown with Nathanos? Sounds pretty great to me! Let’s get a good old fashioned Abomination upfront. It’s been a while since we went toe to toe with one of those. With its two arms and the tiny arm on its back, we could see a mechanic where you have to tank two out of the three to limit what abilities the raid has to deal with — while rotating between them so that no one arm goes untanked for very long. The rest of the raid could be dodging clouds of poison gas that the Abomination releases and arrows from Nathanos the whole time.

Once the Abomination has been dealt with, Nathanos would be charged with ensuring Sylvanas can escape. I’m sure there are more than a few players on both sides of the Horde and Alliance who would like the opportunity to beat the unliving snot out of him. He’s a Dark Ranger, so a fight full of skeletal minions and mind controls is what I would expect from him. There could be a tank swap mechanic where the longer one tank holds him the bigger a skeleton they make when Nathanos uses Black Arrow. Dark Rangers also had Drain Life in Warcraft 3, so I’d love to see another mechanic like Anub’arak’s ability Leeching Swarm from Trial of the Crusader.

The smaller raids like Crucible of Storms, Trial of Valor, and Ruby Sanctum are all great for helping to bridge gaps in storylines or tease what to expect from the upcoming expansion. Nathanos would make for a great lead into Shadowlands.

But what do you think Do you want some closure on what happened with Xal’atath or Queen Azshara? She gets away in Ny’alotha, so maybe players should deal with her before tackling what lies beyond the veil. The Mantid, Mogu, and Tol’vir all came back in a big way in patch 8.3, so maybe there’s some power structure there that needs dismantling.

Make the best raid you can!

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