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DiscussionFeb 12, 2020 8:00 am CT

What is your favorite Blizzard novelization?

My friends, I have a confession I need to own up to: I am a lore nerd. Specifically, I am in love with story. Give me your twisted, convoluted reasoning that has been successfully underlaid across multiple expansions and I am the happiest of happy people. Blizzard makes it very easy for me to indulge in this love, and by extension, so does Blizzard Watch (check out our Lore Watch podcast if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The book count alone is wild! In the overall list of currently published titles available on HudsonsBooksellers.com, there are:

  • 22 World of Warcraft novels
  • World of Warcraft manga
  • World of Warcraft chronicles
  • World of Warcraft “assorted” — two art books, a coloring book, a cookbook, the movie novel, and the Ultimate Visual Guide
  • Diablo novels
  • Diablo supplementals — Book of Tyrael, Book of Cain, and Book of Adria (these were listed on other sites but not the Hudsons list)
  • 13 StarCraft novels

That is over 60 books in 26 years of franchises, and I’m sure I’ve missed some! The Overwatch World Guide and Hearthstone’s official cookbook were not included, for example. And of course, there are publications not yet released, such as the upcoming pre-Shadowlands novel featuring our favorite Troll Shaman, Zekhan. If you haven’t read the preview yet (and you are not stressed about spoilers), stop reading this now and click the novel link above. Trust me.

For some folks in the Blizzard community, none of the above matters. The stories are considered supplemental content and not essential to the plot. Personally, I would question so many gaps (or missing beginnings). How did Garrosh escape his trial in War Crimes? Will the battle between the Cathedral of Light and the Triune in the Sin War impact Lilith’s resurgence? Now you share! Do you love Blizzard’s novels and if so, what is your favorite? Or could you not care less about the novels and are perfectly happy keeping them on the shelf?

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