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WoWFeb 24, 2020 10:00 am CT

Complexity-Limit spent 257 million gold on their push to N’Zoth World First

When you think gold in World of Warcraft, maybe you think in terms of tokens, or in terms of game time, or even in terms of the most expensive current mount in the game, the five-million-gold Brutosaur. So when you try and wrap your head around the 257 million gold that the World First N’Zoth guild Complexity-Limit spent, think of it this way — they spent enough gold on their push to World First that they could have bought 51 and a half Brutosaur mounts instead. 257 million gold, according to this interview with PCGamesn.com that talks about the push to finally topple Method from the throne and claim the last Mythic World First kill of Battle for Azeroth.

Of course, it took a lot more than gold to do it — that gold paid for things like BOE gear to get them ready faster, but it didn’t replace the split runs the guild did with members of the community — what they call in the article the “LimitLackey” system — to funnel more gear towards Limit’s raiding team. But it’s still kind of amazing to think about that volume of gold being spent on BOE epics, and it wasn’t just Limit — the article talks about how Method also spent over 200 million gold this time around.

The article, interviewing raiders Kingfly, Podra, and Preheat, talks about the improved infrastructure of Complexity-Limit going into this raid, about how play improved and how their bench was definitely deeper this time around, and they discuss what it was like to be working on Mythic N’Zoth and have Blizzard despawn the boss so they could fix a bug that wasn’t working as intended. But the thing that keeps sticking with me is that they went into pretty massive gold debt and a lot of what they do from now until Shadowlands is going to be aiming at paying it back — they took out loans to do this — and that’s kind of terrifying and amazing to me. The landscape of World First raiding has definitely changed dramatically over the past few years.

If you’re interested in taking a behind the scenes look at how Limit did it, the interview is right here. Man, 51.4 Brutosaur mounts to kill N’Zoth. That’s kind of amazing.

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