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WoWFeb 7, 2020 10:00 am CT

Limit conquers Mythic N’zoth to claim the first Raid World First for North America in 8 years

Mythic N’zoth has been defeated! Complexity Limit has claimed victory in a commanding fashion. After days of wiping to N’zoth, they finally pulled off the perfect pull!

N’zoth lived for ten days after Ny’alotha opened for mythic raiding. In a straight pull count, N’zoth actually died the fastest of any final boss in Battle for Azeroth. G’huun was 285 pulls, Jaina was 346, Uu’nat was over 700(!), and Queen Azshara took 359. His mechanics were no joke though, raiders had to manage their sanity and a rapidly shrinking floor space while performing tight manoeuvers around giant Old God laser beams. Every player could use their Heart of Azeroth one time during the fight to bolster the sanity of their allies. If anyone got hit by too many of the mechanics present it would cause problems all through the rest of the fight as you ran out of Hearts to channel.

The whole race Limit was in a commanding lead. They exploded out of the gate with seven kills on the first day and didn’t let up after that. In the past raids of Battle for Azeroth, we saw Method catch up and even surpass Limit — but there was no catching them. Their kills were cleaner, and they were often done in fewer pulls than other guilds.

This is the first time since Grand Empress Shek’zeer in Mists of Pandaria that a North American guild got the World First. She fell to Blood Legion back in November of 2012. This is actually the first mythic win for a North American guild at all, since the Mythic difficulty wasn’t introduced until partway through the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Limit even managed to persevere through some pretty substantial bugs. Ra-Den and Carapace of N’zoth both had some issues, but N’zoth had some absolutely terrible ones. Even after some bugs were thought fixed they caused new problems later on. Earlier in the week, they had to deal with N’zoth being despawned across all North American servers. The healers were able to out heal the damage from not going to do the special mythic only phase, and that let Limit just do free damage to N’zoth without having to deal with any mechanics. Blizzard had to hotfix in a shield that kicked in at 25% to ensure that he wouldn’t be killed and then increased the damage in that phase to force players to go to the Heart Chamber. But after fixing the damage aspect, they never removed the shield that would appear at 25%. Limit spent a lot of time assuming that at 25% there was going to be a second mythic only phase and devising strategies that would take that into account.

After that got fixed the progress came quickly. Each pull saw their strategies refined, while N’zoth’s health got a little lower. Having their raid leader sit out to make all of the strategy calls while not having to contend with the mechanics hands-on really helped. It freed up all of the players fighting N’zoth to focus on their own abilities. Already other top guilds are starting to look at making sure they have something similar set up for the next Race to World First.

After coming so close on each in each of the previous raids it’s amazing that Limit finally got their victory. They’ll go into Shadowlands knowing that they are currently the best raiding guild in the world. They can finally take a well-deserved rest. There are ten more guilds sitting at 11/12 in Ny’alotha. These guilds have a busy weekend of Old God punching ahead of them to try and take the second place. Good luck to them all!

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