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Discussion > WoWApr 17, 2020 8:00 am CT

What class in World of Warcraft is the one you can’t give up on?

I’ve played World of Warcraft for 16 years now. I’ve always played Warriors. I think I always will.

So the other day, I tanked Necrotic Wake in the Shadowlands alpha, and I learned that tanking on a Warrior was much harder than tanking on a Death Knight. As in, I gained 10k health on a level 50 premade DK over a level 50 premade Warrior. Both were Mag’har Orcs, too, so there wasn’t any racial bias — the Warrior was just plain worse.

Let me say that again — the Death Knight was a superior tank in every way. Better threat, better mitigation, 26k health vs the Warrior’s 16k, it wasn’t even close. Now, it’s the alpha, so I wasn’t freaking out about it. There’s time to get the class balance right; these are early days yet. But it did make me realize one thing — I vastly prefer Warrior tanking to DK tanking. I vastly prefer Warriors to DKs. Now, I like Death Knights — I have two on live. But no matter how much better they are mechanically — and as of right now on the alpha, they’re much better — I will always be a Warrior main. I will always love Warriors. I will never let the Warrior class go. The last day I finally decide to quite World of Warcraft, a day that’s not showing any signs of coming soon, I will be playing a Warrior.

I often wonder how other players view this. Others seem capable of doing what I simply can’t — I’ve watched players re-roll many times over the years. People I raided with in Vanilla went through three or four classes — I know folks who started tanking in Vanilla who are playing as Demon Hunter tanks right now after playing Monks and Death Knights and Paladins. And that’s cool, if that’s how you play. I’m not saying it’s wrong. It’s just not how I play. I have alts, but ultimately, it’s Warriors I love.

So what about you? Are you ride or die for Hunters? Are you a Mage forever? Do you bleed (or make others bleed) for Rogues? What class can’t you give up on, if any?

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