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Discussion > StarCraftAug 17, 2020 8:00 am CT

What should Blizzard do with StarCraft?

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s always on my mind — what should Blizzard do with StarCraft? Should they let it rest, given the overall state of RTS games and the general reception for StarCraft 2? Letting the game franchise sit and cool down for now might be for the best, considering the lukewarm reception for Warcraft 3 Reforged and the fact that RTS games aren’t exactly setting the world on fire nowadays. Plus, let’s be honest, I think a lot of StarCraft players weren’t sure what to do with the whole “Kerrigan gets captured, un-Zerged, then re-Zerged, and there’s a whole thing with the Xel’Naga that you probably won’t get” aspect of the story in StarCraft 2. I wanted a lot more Protoss than I ended up getting, and while I thought Legacy of the Void was pretty dang cool, it left me feeling like we need more.

I mean, after the destruction of the Khala and the forcing of Amon back into the Void, there’s just so much story potential. And I don’t feel like it would fit in an RTS — frankly, I feel like we could use a completely different genre here, as the franchise has been tied to RTS forever. Going from RTS to MMO brought Warcraft to a whole new group of players, and I feel like going from RTS to something else — be it 4x, or ARPG, or perhaps a sandbox inspired by games like Red Dead Redemption or the Grand Theft Auto series could really work for StarCraft.

Although honestly if Blizzard ever does another MMO — and I don’t expect they will — StarCraft could well be the best possible game for them to adapt.

So what do you all think? Leave StarCraft alone? Go into a new genre? Or maybe just roll the dice on StarCraft 3, because I’ve been wrong before and there could well be more of an audience for a RTS than I’m seeing?

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